A Game & Bambina Bambina

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  When I was asked to voice my relationship with "A Game" and "Bambina Bambina", my mind immediately ricocheted back on a sentence I had read somewhere and, it sort of went like this: "You don't listen to a song just for the music, but...

Non dire che sei felice

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Si sa, di fessi che scrivono sui social è pieno il web. L’ultima che ho letto su FB è quella di chi scrive: “Diffidate sempre di chi ripete sono felice, sono sereno, amolamiavita. Stiamo parlando di un depresso che ancora...

Blind Maze, il mio film in ostaggio di ....

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  "@dadosady Ho letto le news Fan Club dedicato a te a breve in vendita il cd con la colonna sonora di Blind Maze. Sarebbe bello vedere il film . È possibile?" Questo è solo uno dei numerosissimi messaggi che ricevo in...

HPEACE is finally online

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  My new Fashion Brand, HPEACE, is finally available online on www.heatherparisi-hpeace.com   HPA

HPEACE is finally online 2

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My new Fashion Brand, HPEACE, is finally available online on www.heatherparisi-hpeace.com   HPA

The Scent of the Sea

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  Jogging Suit by HPEACE T-Shirt by HPEACE www.heatherparisi-hpeace.com          

The Essence of a Woman

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"The essence of a woman is abandonment in the form of resistance" (Søren Kierkegaard)     Jogging Suit by HPEACE T-Shirt by HPEACE www.heatherparisi-hpeace.com

Lunga vita alle sóle

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"Dico solo che la mia querela è del dicembre del 2013. Ma questo è il paese delle sòle. Lunga vita alle sòle. Rimango a bocca aperta, ma non è che lo scopra oggi"Non sono parole mie, ma di Ilaria...

Today I Feel Like ..... BANE

Diary | 6

  Hong Kong   I know, I know, I come across as looking like Bane from Batman "The Dark Knight Rises", but I had to try out this new fad. Like training at high altitudes, as most athletes, this Training Mask states that it increases...

Calling for Mommy

Calling for Mommy

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  Dear Maurizio Belpietro,   I know, I know, the screaming headline should have immediately warned me:  Are you looking for La Verità (The Truth)? You will find it at your nearest Newsstand. It only costs 1...

And Music it is!!!

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Just a few more weeks and finally my new CD and a Single (45!!) will be out .... The CD will have the entire soundtrack of my film Blind Maze, including A Game and Bambina Bambina. For those of you with a wistful desire of the "old days" and vinyl...

United Airlines from Hell.....

United Airlines from Hell.....

Free Mind | 4

United States   Words fail me even though I am here giving my opinion, regarding the United Airlines flight incident the other day ...  I have taught myself to think it over and not write immediately what is on my mind....reflect, then...

Peking Duck

Diary | 7

Hong Kong   The recipe for Peking Duck dates back from the Ming Dinasty (1368-1644). The ducks that are bred for this purpose are slaughtered after 65 days.  In their last 2 weeks, they are fed up to 4 times a day with livestock feed...