When it is raining ...

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When it is raining cats & dogs outside, Black is the New Look!! HPA


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For many of us, Monday is the most difficult day. But I have learned not to count the days of the week anymore, this way I live more happily. Good morning everyone!! HPA

Dangerous Liaisons (not friendship)

Dangerous Liaisons (not friendship)

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I swear, I didn't want to reply, but how can I explain to my children why someone called me mentally ill?  Lucio Presta’s statement to Adnkronos on April 9, 2019 “Heather is ill and suffering from a typical syndrome of todays day...

Mi ha scritto Heather Parisi, provo a rispondere

Mi ha scritto Heather Parisi, provo a rispondere

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MI HA SCRITTO HEATHER PARISI. PROVO A RISPONDERE. Maurizio Blondet  16 Marzo 2019  Ho ricevuto  – e ne sono lusingato – questa lettera da Heater Parisi. Garbata, ferma e ben espressa. Sotto, provo a...

Un secondo a pensare  ...... vale vale più di trenta ore

Un secondo a pensare ...... vale vale più di trenta ore

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La diffidenza, il disprezzo nei confronti del diverso, la paura dell'estraneo e la tendenza a sentirsi meglio degli altri, sono sintomi inequivocabili di razzismo, forse inconsapveole, ma pur sempre razzismo. A Greta Thunberg è stata...


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When I look at Umberto, my eyes and my heart start immediately smiling and then, uncontrollably, I crack up laughing. I try to get myself together, looking elsewhere to distract myself, but to no avail, because when I look at him one more time, I...

Grand Battement

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"Shit, you didn't kick your leg up !!!" This is the comment, said to me by an ex dancer, lent as a producer, immediately after my performance of the first taping of Nemicamatissima. At that exact moment, I was speechless. To be truly honest, I...

Ignorantia non excusat

Ignorantia non excusat

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I note with regret that for someone, Democracy means "my ignorance is worth as much as your knowledge" (Isaac Asimov). To him / her, I say that: Hong Kong is NOT included in the list of tax havens drafted and updated by the Italian Ministry of...

Little Girl Again

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Together with Elizabeth & Dylan and thanks to them, I still feel like a little girl with an amazing desire to play!!   HPA

Merry Christmas

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I would really like that each & every one of us says Merry Christmas to one another, without excluding anyone.  We can say it to our loved ones & to those who respect & appreciate us, but also to those who still don't do it, with...