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Back to square One

Posted March 23th, 2020

Only a few days ago I wrote "Here in Hong Kong, the 'Stay Home' phase has passed" & "Our Life is slowly slowly returning to normal". 

Too soon 😔 

Unfortunately, after the re-entry of many an Expat (the foreigners who escaped back to their own countries & then when the situation there became so dramatic, they changed their minds, turning their heels around to come back here) has brought to light 50 new cases (resulting from people re-entering HK or in contact with people who re-entered). The Hong Kong Government immediately reinstated the closure of all public places & events, (yes again!!), of (gyms, parks, museums, sport's centers, libraries, cinema). Stores and, a few restaurants will remain open. Public employees will once again start working from home. 

Many foreigners coming from Europe (French, English, Italians & Spaniards) didn't take care in noticing the obligation of doing the 2 week quarantine. 

This is how the bracelets work: Upon arrival at the HK Airport everyone is given a bracelet, each & everyone has an unequivocal QR code. The user downloads an App called StayHome Safe on their phone & scans QR code to connect with the bracelet's App. Once you are home, you need to walk around your apartment to adjust the bracelet. The bracelet & the App use a type of technology-related call of geo-fencing, which is different from the tracking position of a GPS.

Some of the most brilliant, even had the nerve to take off their electronic bracelets before they stepped out of their home door. This reckless behaviour & the total lack of sense of public duty & citizenship, has triggered the rage from within, many a Hong Kong citizen, ME included! 🤬

Zero tolerance will be accepted from these disgraceful wretches & when caught will be taken directly to prison. 

Last minute news bulletin at 3:30 pm today: Hong Kong is banning all overseas tourists.    

Stay safe 🙏 



March 24th, 2020 10:05

Back to square one... Apparently, this year is being written by Stephen King... Wherever a man dwells, he shall be sure to have a thorn-bush near his door.

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