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Cicadas are yummy delicacies ...

Posted July 14th, 2016


China ... 

Cicale, or Cicadas as they are called in English, have been a part of my life since my record, "Cicale" became Gold, years ago. They are the chirping friendly "ChChChCh" sound-like insects, that we hear on a bickering hot day.

Well, Cicadas are becoming the talk of the day. They are very popular as a seasonal delicacy, since people today, like to have something exciting when ordering food. They can be grilled or fried and are regarded as highly nutritious. 

I will never forget my first reaction, years ago, when my husband, Umberto Maria and I, were in Chengdu, at a luncheon, with one of his important clients. 

The precise word would be: aghast. 

It was one of those typical Chinese restaurants, where the quality of the food has absolutely nothing to do with the subdued and simple decor. Let's just say, that if you were in Italy, you would avoid it at all costs. But, that is China, the atmosphere, at times, has zilch to do with how delicious the food might be.

I felt a pat on my right shoulder, turned around, and was offered a large bowl with a considerable amount of BUGS. I swallowed, whatever saliva, remained in my rather dry mouth (taste buds had vanished!!). I immediately glanced at my husband with helpless eyes, remembering NEVER to offend the Host. 

As he was in deep conversation with my husband, stealing some time, 15 seconds, I begged someone to explain, hoping that the Chinese business man would start before me. 

As he glanced up, his nonchalant hand gesture with a simple "Go away, wrong table", made my day!!

It was a dish that the table behind us had ordered, yippey!!! Or, so i thought. 

Two minutes later, and, with another tap on the shoulder, I was offered from the people at that same table, to taste their delicacy, Boiled Cockroaches ... 

Without offending anyone, but even if it were the last piece of grub existing, I would have refused, and, I did!! Those HUGE insects, were boiled, with transparent feathers lurching below their hard-shelled wings. 

A sight I find hard to abandon from my mind.

This time I was spared. 






July 14th, 2016 14:13

Caspita...che storia!!! Ci sentiamo sempre obbligati a non offendere il Paese che ci ospita, i suoi usi e tradizioni, le sue usanze e credenze... Ma siamo persone ben distinte, uguali ma diversi, e, soprattutto mai obbligate a fare ciò che non ci garba...In fondo, l'Italia, che è una nazione multietnica ormai, lascia fin troppa libertà di espressione al prossimo... gli altri dovrebbero fare uguale, perlomeno rispettare un "no, grazie, non per me" senza far finta di offendersi... Paese che vai, usanze che trovi...sì, ma con educazione. Di tutti. Comunque le cicale...meglio cantate!!! Disco d'oro, no? Kisses.

July 14th, 2016 17:52

No..non potrei...
Le " Cicale" sono troppo legate al tuo nome per divorarle...
Poi io...sexescludo un po' di sushi sono vegetariano...
Per cui la quale non potrei mangiar le cicale

July 15th, 2016 06:23

Sono così felice di rivederti qui ...dentro la mia televisione.... che se in cambio mi chiedessero di dover mangiare 2 ciotole di cicale le mangerei !!!
Fai presto ti prego !!!

July 16th, 2016 11:51

Io mi sono trovato in Messico a mangiare sia cavallette che scarafaggi e mi sono piaciuti devo dire che non sono riuscito ad assaggiare i vermi li ritenevo troppo gommosi

July 19th, 2016 16:38

This was great ! Hahaha. I laughed a lot. Thanks Heather, you did very well to refuse. I leaned in last years to say " No" too and this make me more patient, peaceful with me and sincere with the others :) Hugs, dani

July 22th, 2016 11:13

Hi Heather
Che dire? Evviva il cibo italiano!


PS: quando ci dai notizie del tuo "debutto" in Tv a dicembre gennaio?

January 09th, 2017 21:49

Io ho fatto come te la prima volta che mi sono trovata davanti un piatto di sushi... Poi me ne sono innamorata

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