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Merry Christmas

Posted December 24th, 2021

This was Christmas 1960 and those eyes, then, as in now, were looking at the world without fear.

The world can be looked at with the "eyes of fear" or with the "eyes of love".

It is up to us to decide.

We can look at others with the "eyes of fear", look at them with distrust, keeping them at a safe distance, put as many barriers as possible between us and them, marginalize them and even blame them for our fear.

Or we can look at others with the "eyes of love", with the awareness that we are all part of an indivisible ONE and that each of us is essential for the ALL, that the evolution of us human beings passes through sharing, asking questions, discussing, exploring together and NEVER obeying faithfully.

This Christmas my special wishes go to all of those who will be looked at with the "eyes of fear" and who because of these "looks of fear", will celebrate Christmas alone, far from their beloved ones or friends, because they are excluded and marginalized.

To you I say: "Do not abandon hope!"

Those who are afraid, die many times, while those who have no fear, die only once (cit.)

After the conditional promises, the false illusions, the cheerful and false laughter, the dubious and elusive rewards, after the veiled threats, after all of this, even those "eyes of fear" will, one day, wake up and discover that only the "eyes of love "can win.

At least, I want to hope so.

Merry Christmas




December 24th, 2021 14:03

Remember to surround yourself with loved ones and most importantly, have yourself a merry little christmas

October 11th, 2022 09:55

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