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Posted August 19th, 2021


In our society we are indignant, we are moved, we are passionate only on command.

It is enough for the TV and the mainstream media to snap their fingers and immediately the claque starts with whistles, tears or applause, depending on what the cue card holder has written.

A minute before and a minute later, silence.

As if before and after, injustice, tragedy, joy had never existed and, no longer exists.

And those who do not follow the claque are accused of insensitivity and indifference.

Because this is no longer a society of individuals, but a society of clones. Millions of clones who are indignant, are moved and, applaud in unison. Millions of voices, all the same and, perfectly tuned, but sadly useless and dramatically interchangeable.

The time has come to ask ourselves whether our society is "still human or has become only humanoid".




October 18th, 2021 14:00

"Voci di testa, di petto, nel coro o in falsetto, si uniscono con la tua voce, di cuore impazzito, che non ha capito se sono sirene o tamburi. E le voci che arrivano qua, voci dentro a quest'onda che va..."

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