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I have a sacred respect for the dead, but for me, every death has the same dignity.

Posted February 22th, 2021

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Talking nonsense is when we speak without knowing the subject, a bit like when we pretend to explain what is happening in Hong Kong without even living there.

But I have lived in Hong Kong for more than ten years and I can speak about it with knowledge of the facts and without fear of being proven wrong.

It is curious, and even a little suspicious, that many accept that newspapers and mainstream media talk about what is happening in the world, but do not accept it when those who live there are talking about it.

Afraid of leaving your "comfort zone"? Fear of seeing one's convictions waver? Intolerance of other people's ideas? Or fear of confrontation?

I have a sacred respect for the dead, but for me, every death has the same dignity.

For this reason petty rhetoric should be avoided.

It cannot be noticed that people die only now and only when the cause can in "any way" be attributed to Covid-19.

I have never heard, in the past years, the same emphasis and the same attention for starvation deaths (and don't believe that because they don't talk about it, they don't exist and that the numbers are lower than those of Covid, EVEN!) Or caused by other viruses and not even for all those who died in this last year because they were abandoned without treatment or could not continue their treatment because they were queued for Covid-19.

Deafening silence.

In any case, respect for those who have died does not consist in putting one's head in the sand like ostriches and silencing the world around it, but in trying to understand why it happened, what and whose responsibilities are and confronting those who acted otherwise he got results.

Finally, explain to me once and for all why the responsibility of the public figures exists only when thier ideas are not totally aligned with those of "regime officials".

Isn't there also the responsibility of the “so-called experts” (including WHO) who in all these months have denied each other and have been denied by the facts?

Isn't there also the responsibility of the media, which in all these months has made alarmism and terror their daily mantra?

It is not with censorship (which is increasingly widespread also in social networks such as YouTube, Twitter, FB) or with obscurantism that the truth is pursued, but with confrontation and transparency.

Everyone is free to turn off their brains if they wish, but don't ask me to do the same.




February 22th, 2021 14:28

Rien ne sert d'avoir raison, si on a raison tout seul.

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