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Too little is said about it.

Posted December 22th, 2020

For Elizabeth and Dylan we chose #Homeschooling

A choice shared with them, made possible by the type of life we lead and of which we are all happy.

But, with no birthday parties, Playdates, Music lessons or a simple Tennis match or Football match in sight, without the possibility of socializing with their peers, our children are in a state where they don't understand what it is really happening to their future.

And it is also the condition in which all the children who were used to going to school find themselves.

A few days ago, we were in a playdate. The children had to adapt to a bit and challenge the rules of social distance a bit. Each child suffers (because it is an imposition that can never be explained) in a totally different way.

As they run and play, some wear their NON STOP masks, others lower it just to communicate, still others, like Elizabeth and Dylan, immediately hand it over to their mother with a peremptory: "For the moment, while I'm running around".

Some children seem to be more comfortable in "Break the Rule", unconscious and serene, while others "Folks !!". The most frightened insist that the mother put her mask back on, otherwise "You will die, mother". 😳
Those who govern do not care, but have relegated these generations of children and adolescents to an infernal Dante's circle made up of distances, fears, asociality and deprivation of human contact.
A world of children without other children.

I feel lucky to have such a close relationship with my children to be, together with Umberto, their BRAIN FEED.
But there are signals and messages, direct and subliminal, spread by the media all the time, that we cannot control. Insisting on the fact that interacting with others is a "no no" is equivalent to saying that the neighbor (adult or child) represents a danger.

And this is heartbreaking and deplorable and will help raise generations of social insane.
Without forgetting that adults have now become depressed, hostile and angry people. What example can they set for our children?

Too little is said about it.



December 30th, 2020 14:09

I bambini hanno capacità di ripresa sorprendenti: impariamo da essi.

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