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Posted July 27th, 2020

I want to make my own, the words of a comment on my Fans' FB page:

“No matter how hard I try, I can't understand Lorella Cuccarini's path, how did she come to share this thought? (that of Marco Gervasoni del Il on the law on homotransphobia). Yet she owes much to gays, since they praise her, they have been her most loyal fans. She works in an environment where there are many, ... she worked with gay partners .... I just can't understand .... perhaps she has always been homophobic and hid it. " (Lizzeri Massimina)

Because you can expect the opposition to the Zan bill against homotransophobia from the right-wing parties, from the Catholic world and from that movement of the Family Day, that wants to bring back the clock to the times of obscurantism and the inquisition.

But from a woman who has "flirted" with the gay world, defended by them, worked and still working with, I CANNOT accept this.

Once, when I was 16, I returned to Sacramento from San Francisco where I was on scholarship with The San Francisco Ballet Company and where I used to hang out with the gay community of Polk Street.

One night with some gay friends, I went out to a club and strolled on the bank of the American River.

A group of old schoolmates came up to us and started insulting my friends for their homosexuality shouting "Faggots" and "Dyke" to me.

I turned around and said, "And, if I were?".

It was at this moment that without even realizing it, I was thrown to the ground by a punch aimed at my face. I had bruises everywhere for days and a split lip.

In Italy, in the past year, there have been over 138 cases of homotransphobia. But those reported or known, represent only a small part of what truly happens in reality.

The Hate Crimes No More Italy, project, carried out by the LGBTQi + 2 Resource Center with the support of the Municipality of Bologna, has unequivocally sanctioned that the episodes of crimes and other acts motivated by homobilesobotransphobic hatred in Italy are increasing. According to the study, 73% of people belonging to the LGBTQi + 2 community suffered homotransphobic violence, but only a very few are reported.

A law against homotransphobia has been under discussion for twenty-five years in Italy. The first to propose it was Nichi Vendola in 1996.

The European LGBTI Survey 2020 report of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights recently reported that in Italy there is still a lack of law punishing hatred and discrimination against LGBTQI+2.

And the Europe Rainbow ILGA map puts Italy in 34th place out of 49 countries (and 23rd out of 27 EU members) !!!

But nothing. In Italy the problem is denied, to put it like Marco Gervasoni:

"On the level of aggression against gay people, Italy records much lower figures than other countries, where Islamic communities are widespread. This is what the LGBT associations keep in mind, always at the forefront of hospitality. ”

For the bishops, for the right-wing parties for the Family Day movement, the Zan bill strikes "the expression of a legitimate opinion ... and (creates) an intimidating atmosphere towards those who believe that humanity is divided into males and females ".

And this is where the mistake lies, to continue to think that the human condition must necessarily be made of "divisions" and "differences".

I dream of a world that includes, instead of excluding.

The words of Imagine come to mind:

"Imagine all the people sharing all the world,

You may say I'm a dreamer

But I'm not the only one

I hope some day you'll join us

And the world will be as one ".

Ah, I forgot!

The same ones who criticize the Zan bill are also those who define John Lennon's song as a "Marxist hymn to world-wide approval" (copyright Susanna Ceccardi & Giorgia Meloni).




July 27th, 2020 12:03

Qualche giorno fa apprendo dell'imminente arrivo a La Maddalena, paese in cui vivo, di Mario Adinolfi, per presentare il suo ultimo libro. Credo che sappiate tutti chi sia, nel caso vi invito a fare una ricerca su internet e capirete meglio. Vi cito solo una delle sue tante celebri massime: "...In una società di troie e rottinculo l'unica ribellione è essere bigotti". Un uomo che non ritiene che i figli di coppie omosessuali debbano avere gli stessi diritti di tutti gli altri bambini. Su facebook ho scatenato un tale putiferio, coinvolgendo anche il parroco che avrebbe dovuto ospitare l'evento nell'oratorio della Chiesa. Tanti miei concittadini hanno espresso il loro dissenso e disappunto che sia il Comune che aveva anche in programma dovuto presenziare che la Chiesa stessa si sono tutti tirati indietro rinnegando il loro consenso. Per farla breve alla fine il Sig. Adinolfi ha improvvisato una pseudo presentazione del libro in un bar, senza neanche chiedere l'autorizzazione a nessuno, con una manciata di persone per la maggior parte suoi amici arrivati con lui e quattro bigotti del posto. Una bella soddisfazione per me!

August 03th, 2020 13:55

Wer mit sich selbst in Frieden leben will, muss sich so akzeptieren, wie er ist.

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