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Posted February 10th, 2020

Everyone keeps asking me how different our lives are after the explosion of #coronavirus 

To be honest I am a sort of a hermit & homebody, loving & wanting to stay at home, reading, cooking & doing #Homeschooling with our twins. This is the reason that our habits have not changed at all, literally. 

On the other hand, I must say though, that the Hong Konger's lifestyle have changed & are becoming exactly like mine. In fact, people don't go out anymore & most of them are working from home. This is the story for all civil servants, for almost all of the Financial Society, Lawyers, Accountants & for Administration offices. 

For those who must continue going to work in the office, they are controlled immediately upon arrival by having their temperatures taken, each & every time they enter & exit the office buildings. Students are studying at home via their computer, with other students & their teachers, doing a sort of "virtual lessons". Everyone is wearing a mask & disinfect their hands before entering any public building. All elevators & escalators are sterilized every two hours. Nobody is panicking, there is absolutely no hysteria, but the awareness that only with everyone's contribution, this epidemic can be defeated. If there is a city that is prepared to tackle a similar situation, that is, without a doubt, Hong Kong & the number of defined ill, even though we are so close to China, well, that is the true demonstration. 




February 10th, 2020 14:00

Quello che lascia di stucco è la morte del medico cinese che per primo diede l'allarme sul corona virus e non venne creduto... E il susseguirsi di assurdità che gli riservarono...

February 11th, 2020 20:25

I just asked JerriSue if she knew whether you were back in Hong Kong after the Holidays- we all follow you on your blog and fb fan pages -stay safe to you and your beautiful family. Auntie Bow turns 95 this August in RDW city - 💕💕 tamilu

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