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Heather vs. Haters

Posted August 27th, 2018

I started Instagram because I have a visceral passion for photographs.

A picture, for me, in the mind’s eye, becomes first to every divine awareness.

In the beginning Instagram for me, was only images.

Slowly, slowly, it became much more.

Sharing moments of feelings, fond memories, emotions, but also a confrontation of experiences and thoughts.

For someone like me, extremely jealous of her “private life”, it wasn’t an easy mission abdicating from total privacy.

For many Famous Artists (should I say Artists of Show Business, or too ‘Old School’?), being in the world of ‘Social’ means using it to promote their work and an invaluable dowel in creating one’s character image and persona. Many are handled by creative agencies, and, without beating around the bush, little is left for improvisation and spontaneity. It all has one precise purpose, from touching, emotional sentiments to pathos and outrage.

I have always, personally, managed my Instagram Profile (as well as my Blog and Twitter), and I have limited to spill out my entire life, in certain ways I am repetitive, but unfailingly sincere.

I am aware that the choice to share certain moments of one’s life brings the inevitable consequences to being judged non-stop. And, I am mindful of this, and have learned to accept it.

What I have NOT learned to accept, is the gratuitous and uninvited malice, venom-like social ransom, offending class struggle, to pluck at one’s morals and, morbid curiosity.

The concept that the presence in the world of “Social” implicates the consistent necessity to be accountable of all facts of our personal lives and that we must accept abusive offences AD PERSONAM, is not only an inconceivable and shocking violence, but also devoid of any intellectual honesty.

There are people who use their dissatisfaction, their frustration, their disastrous lives, towards comments soaked through, with hatred and envy, in hope of disgorging elsewhere a bit of their unhappiness. Alas, for them, dear Me, the fate of their lives is not destined to change with the virtue of that comment.

And, what do I do? I delete and Block.




roberta August 27th, 2018 09:24

Giustissimo darling. Non permettere a nessuno di offenderti. Non abbassare lo sguardo mai, non dargliela vinta un solo momento. Il mondo è tristemente sovraffollato di deficienti e di invidiosi: per fortuna, possiamo selezionare chi può far parte della nostra vita... Quei decerebrati non sono degni nemmeno di pulirti le scarpe. A testa alta honey, come hai sempre fatto! You are a big person. Remember it!!!

stefania August 27th, 2018 11:12

In giro c'è tanta gente cattiva,infelice e frustrata.Poi ci sono tante maschere che secondo me sono peggio.Ti abbraccio.❤

giusibergamo September 01th, 2018 07:25

La gente curiosa invade i social così come le strade della vita....quando la paura ci blocca forse si finisce per fare il gioco di chi ci impedisce di essere , osare manifestare giocare e pensare...non utilizzo instagram ma anche se capita di condividere a parole le immagini di vita passata con le tante esperienze sempre positive fatte viaggiando anche per lavoro leggo negli altri spesso incapacità di apprezzamento !,,cogliere le buone intenzioni delle persone è un mestiere che va al di là di ogni nostro giudizio strettamente personale....mai fermarsi e andare avanti, kisses

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