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Cosa succede a Hong Kong. Campi di quarantena e bimbi strappati ai genitori.

Posted 02 Marzo 2022

Lisa Boscardin ci racconta cosa succede nei campi di quarantena a Hong Kong.


Una storia tanto incredibile quanto assurda, ma che purtroppo rispecchia la triste e drammatica realtà odierna di Hong Kong.


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02 Marzo 2022 14:00

It's a very terrible- bad- sad story... Like the war in Ucraina... "Immagine all the people living life in peace... You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one..." 😶

12 Marzo 2022 13:58

Why didn't you and don't you say a word about Russian- Ukraine's war? You're a woman. You're a mother. You're a citizen of the world. There's not only your personal and lost no vax vaccine battle , there is much more: children killed, civil person killed, towns razed to the ground... A world war at the gates concerns all...

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