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Putin si sbilancia ...

Posted 27 Novembre 2014


Mosca ...


"C'è una vita privata nella quale nessuno dovrebbe interferire. Ho sempre avuto una bassa considerazione di coloro che si impicciano della vita altrui con pruriginosa curiosità e morbosa attenzione" ..... Vladimir Putin, Presidente della Russia





27 Novembre 2014 05:51

I agree with what he said for the private life, but actually I don't like him at all for all the politic what he do and did. He speaks about no interruption...., but how many influences and broken lives did he make with the life of his people? He told about freedom, ....but he destroys it in his country and what he did with Ukraine???Total oppressor from the former offices and for sorry Russians always has such people to rule them. Maybe they feel good to be suppressed like this? Maybe for them is ok? ....For sure not for all of them....:-)

29 Novembre 2014 09:32

Dear Igor, I guess this discussion was provoked from my comment above and it is good that you tell us what is the situation. I feel very bad and sorry for you your people and situation in Ukraine. Of course you are right we don't know exactly what happened there.I only want this conflict to finish as soon as possible, because as Papa said yesterday the world is in war now. Nobody wants this, from the ordinary people like me, this is one of the worst thing. Please accept my big condolence to you and the nation. But this not change my opinion for Putin, because in my opinion he was the one who make this happen. I believe the peaceful decision will come soon, but this depends from all of us in thinking and behavior. Best regards, daniela

01 Dicembre 2014 14:16


02 Dicembre 2014 11:30

Tutto vero, la penso esattamente come... Putin?!!! Ma come? Non sei mica l'anonimo signor Rossi che vive nel nord Italia, sei Putin, è normale che ci sia curiosità intorno alla tua vita, no?

14 Giugno 2015 17:36

Parole come si comporta con i suoi rivali politici? Se si predica bene, bisogna poi razzolare bene...

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