Blind Maze: ragazzi con la pelle sottile

Posted May 13th, 2021

From May 18th Blind Maze is available on

The film is written, produced and directed by Heather Parisi who, with this creation, intended to give space and visibility to the faces of unknown Italian teenagers, but with an extraordinary talent in acting and dance.

"Blind Maze: kids with thin skin" is a comedy that reflects, like a prism, the colors of many sub-genres of classic comedy.

It is a sophisticated, romantic, dramatic and musical comedy.

More than a film about teenagers, it is a film made with teenagers, following their ups and downs, never easy and almost never predictable.

Their lives subtly slip out of normality to reach a world made of dreams, yes, but also of sacrifice and dedication.

Dance and acting are sometimes opportunities for redemption and revenge, other times for success and self-fulfillment.

The music in the film is not intended as a number in its own right, but as the heartbeat of life. As an inevitable impulse, which bursts into the story, disrupting its style, disorganizing thoughts and provoking new possible perspectives.

However, there is no idealism, there is no rhetoric as is "Fame".

They are lives that intertwine on a parallel line and appear sometimes solitary and sometimes as voices of a single chorus.


September 08th, 2021 14:06

In prima serata su Rai Uno, come doveva essere, sarebbe stato più corretto... E per tutti. Il faut de la patience, beaucoup de patience...

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