Heather's Taste Buds

Posted May 17th, 2021

On HeatherParisiTv you see me doing what I like to do the most.

And just few of you know that one of my truest passions is cooking.

I inherited my passion for cooking from my grandfather Frank who, emigrated to Sacramento, created a chain of restaurants called Parisi's Spaghetti House from scratch.

But I am not a cook and I am not a Chef.

I am simply a Mom who loves to cook for her family and spend her time in the kitchen. To those who listen to me, while I prepare some Italian, Asian, Mexican or Indian dishes, I tell anecdotes of my life and my career.

Carefree chat without malice, memories, smiles and the scent of home. This is "Heather's Taste Buds" and you can ONLY watch on HeatherParisiTv.

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I wait for you and ...





September 08th, 2021 14:11

La cultura del cibo dovrebbe essere materia di studio in tutte le scuole dell'obbligo... I am wrong?

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