I Want to Sudare

Posted May 13th, 2021

"I Want to Sudare" is a HeatherParisiTv series dedicated to gymnastics available on

After a year of doing "forced bed rest" I decided that it was about time, to get myself in gear, and get those workout clothes on, sweating up a storm, so I could bounce back in shape.

With "I Want to Sudare", which means "I Want to Sweat", I will take you, at dawn, to an awakening Hong Kong, when the city is not yet frenetic.

Easy exercises, that will have us moving right and left, following my motto "It isn't the quantity, but the quality". Plus, anecdotes about my experiences, stories of my life, unexpected encounters, marvelous views of this magnificent city, all of this and more on "I Want to Sudare" starting May 18th on 🍀

I will be waiting for you 



September 08th, 2021 14:02

...e c'è chi aspetta l'autobiografia tanto annunciata negli anni... Mina canta "parole parole parole..."

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