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Dangerous Liaisons (not friendship)

Posted April 13th, 2019

I swear, I didn't want to reply, but how can I explain to my children why someone called me mentally ill? 

Lucio Presta’s statement to Adnkronos on April 9, 2019

“Heather is ill and suffering from a typical syndrome of todays day and age, a compulsive conspiracy disorder. She sees the entire world deployed against her, on the opposite side. She didn’t used to be like this and I tried with ‘sweet talk’ to no avail. Then she did something she should never have dared to do to me and my children, who have called her Aunt Heather from Day 1. It was they who thought it right, that this whole episode fly straight to the Courts. And, that is where we are.”

What will one do, to sell a book!

Lucio Presta knows truly everything there is about marketing and, he has the well needed taste to hyperbole, yet uses both with a flare of parvenu.

He knows also, the echo created when using my name and as a fact, knowing and using the word “friend”, regarding he and I, is farther away than you can even imagine, and, he flaunts, as a praying mantis with his partner, only to chew off the head and feed on the rest.

It is so true that friendship of some men is more pernicious and harmful than their loathing and repugnance. (Mariano Jose’ Pereira da Fonseca)

What is more, the symptoms of parvenu are extremely evident:

  • The systematic appeal of pity opponent, described as “ill” (of compulsive conspiracy disorder, in my case) to discredit his credibility  
  • The hint of mysterious and terrible crimes that are never explained to not reveal unfounded grounds.
  • The veiled threats of prudery that both the public and media go crazy for.


Let’s clear the facts once and for all, as the results of the procedural papers and, not fanciful declarations. This is what actually “is” happening in the courtrooms.

The Court of Rome declared provisionally enforceable the cease and desist order for the missing payment by Arcobaleno Tre (not by RAI with whom I did NOT have any problem) of the agreements related to the show Nemicamatissima and forced Arcobaleno Tre of Lucio Presta to pay.

After the publishing on my Instagram of a picture of myself and my beloved special friend Manuela Contessi, ex wife of Presta, Presta’s family sued me in court asking for a huge money compensation for alleged emotional damages.

The truth is that the same picture (a very humble picture of Manuela and I, hugging each other) was on my blog a long before the show Nemicamatissima, actually since 2008.

Well, obviously for Lucio Presta there are two historical periods and two very different approaches: ante Nemicamatissima dedicated to the courtship and post Nemicamatissima (and post cease and desist) dedicated to cleaning up the shame, followed by revenge.

By the way, I immediately removed the photo, which at no point whatsoever, could harm in any way my friend's image, was on the contrary meant to honour the anniversary of her death, after the “gentle” requests by Presta himself (“If you don’t take down the photo of Manu within 5 minutes, asking forgiveness …. I swear on what is most dear to me in the world, I will bad-mouth you everywhere on your private life”).

These are the facts (and not the fantasy statements) and this is the terrible “things I shouldn’t have done not to me (Presta) but to my children, that called me Aunt Heather from Day 1 and that convinced them to take me to court” (cit. Lucio Presta Adnkronos).

No one with the delirium of omnipotence to have the exclusive on my sentiments towards others, will ever be able to deprive me from a very special person with whom I lived unforgettable thoughts and moments, that nobody will be able to contradict or weasel away from me.





April 13th, 2019 11:09

Ma cosa ci si deve aspettare, honey, da un ex "ballerino" di fila prestato alla produzione lontano anni luce dalla Danza che TU hai finalmente portato in TV, cosa ci deve aspettare, darling, da un'improvvisato "manager dei VIP" che ha l'unica preoccupazione di piazzare la moglie, cosa ci si deve aspettare, my dearest, da uno che per Nemicamatissima si è prodigato per onorare solamente il contratto della collega e, infine, cosa ci deve aspettare, my beloved, da un improvvisato "scrittore" quando scrivere è un'arte che, realmente, appartiene a pochi?? Nulla. Come il vuoto che ha intorno... E per il tuo film in suo ostaggio, com'è attualmente la situazione? Kisses

May 05th, 2019 10:03

Buona domenica honey! Pubblica più spesso che puoi sul blog...sennò finisce nel dimenticatoio... anche per gli utenti... E sarebbe davvero un peccato...

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