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Long way up, long way down ....

Posted January 21th, 2015



Kevin Jorgeson looks up from Pitch 18 on the Dawn Wall of the El Capitan in Yosemite Park ....

He and Tommy Caldwell had been attempting for 17 days, to become the first to scale the rock's 900 meter face, without bolts and other climbing tools ...


Many thought this to be impossible ..... Remember my precious saying, "Impossible is just a slight more difficult than possible" ....

It gives me a fright just looking at the photo .....




January 22th, 2015 18:44

Hi carissima Heather
Ma che dici? Con le due doti ginniche credo che non avresti problemi ad imparare in fretta come scalare una parete …. Hai scalato tutte le vette delle classifiche mondiali!
Comunque che grande l’uomo! Che imprese straordinarie può fare!
Abbracci grandi


June 16th, 2015 14:02

Già! Spettacolare e "terribile" nello stesso tempo...

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