Homeschooling Educazione Parentale

Posted May 08th, 2023


Never before has the education of our children become a fundamental moment for the defense of the values of the family, of society, and of our freedoms.

Almost everyone agrees that schools today have many flaws, but as often happens, they talk and talk and then do nothing to change, letting politicians shape it for their own ends.

Schools today tend to provide kids with ready-made answers rather than providing them with the tools to find the answers.

Schools today prepare students to become future "good globalized citizens" all true copies of each other, obedient, pacified, without identity, without roots and possibly without culture so that they are the subjects and slaves of the dominant hegemonies.

And in fact Biden, President of the USA, said: "Children when they are in school belong to teachers."

It is NOT true, it CANNOT be right.

I don't want a school that imposes models and ideologies for our children and if the school is not able to ensure plurality, impartiality and freedom of thought, it is not for me and certainly NOT for my children.

More and more families in the United States but also in Italy are deciding to do Homeschooling, parental education.



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