Heather Parisi

Happy 5th Birthday precious creatures!!! .....

Posted May 22th, 2015


Today is your day, Dylan Maria and Elizabeth Jaden ..... You have a mind-blowing life ahead of you ....

The 2 of you, together with your remarkable Father, make me who I am .... 

I could never, one day, be without your existence ....


I love you,






alfonso May 22th, 2015 09:02

Sono già passati 5 anni!
Buon compleanno Dylan Maria and Elizabeth Jaden! Have fun today and even tomorrow :)

Huge hugs


berenietzsche May 22th, 2015 14:12

Che bello! Il giorno del vs compleanno!!! Tanti cari Auguri di felicità!!! W Dylan, W Elizabeth!!!

May 24th, 2015 21:34

Happy Birthday Twins!
Grow larger, obey their parents.

Heather congrats to you! What happened on this day 5 years ago, the main role belongs to you.

Congratulations on all your wonderful family!!!

I apologize for the belated greetings.

fra70 June 02th, 2015 22:43

auguri in ritardo e complimenti

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