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Hotel Bans Kids.........

Posted June 07th, 2013

I must admit to have been in awe with horror when I read about this episode...and then I sat back and meditated the whole ordeal for a few weeks...


May 20, 2013 Almeria, Spain


Hotel CaboGata Plaza Suites refused a reservation for a group of "children" who were planning on celebrating the end of their school year.


Now reading this first sentence, what comes into mind?!


They were wild Seniors (18 year olds), wanting to have "a blast" awaiting their Graduation Day?

A group of teenagers wanting to visit Oasys Theme Park where the movie "Indiana Jones" was filmed or the Texas Hollywood Amusement/Theme Park, again for the Western lovers wanting to play cowboys and Indians down in the lobby?

Toddlers with their parents, nannies and .....oh, whatever....the list isn't that long because sincerely Almeria isn't  Madrid, Barcelona or.....València!!


No, the children were with Down Syndrome, big deal, right?!

NO......wrong, at least for these arses!!


The hotel said that it would NOT board the children because "these kind of people might annoy other guests".


Management at the time being has "apologized" for the incident saying that it was "a misunderstanding". They also said "In 35 years of business we have never refused access to guests with Down Syndrome, they have been, are, and always will be very welcome".


Why would someone even need to say this...or think it?


I guess that they haven't heard of the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The international law prohibits "all discrimination on the grounds of disability".


Must I say more?!

Yes, I must...









alfonso June 09th, 2013 17:04

Mi auguro che sia un episodio sporadico , sicuramente da biasimare.
Lavoro nel turismo da anni i e ti assicuro (se ti può consolare) che tale persone hanno sempre un trattamento normale (non speciale) come tutti. In Trentino per esempio si sta lavorando da anni per un turismo accessibile e gli hotel sono orgogliosi di lavorare in tale direzione.
Hugs my dearest Heather


serendipity June 02th, 2015 17:54

E ci diciamo "civili"... Robe da chiodi...

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