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Heather Parisi

Random Moralism

Posted December 15th, 2023

I wrote on an IG post about the importance of family.
And here they are punctual, unfailing, always the same, the knights without blemish and without sin, that is, the "everyone" who are functionally illiterate, in the sense that they do not understand the meaning of a text.

Yet my message, "blood ties are not enough to create a family", is not a difficult concept to understand.

No reference to traditional families, to civil unions, to cohabitations.

The simple statement that having a family means for me "respect and joy for each other's lives".

But I have no illusions, they are the same ones who won't even understand what I write now.

For them it is more important to set themselves up as judges of others by giving moral lessons from the toilet at home while, in other busy matters, they read up in newspapers and on gossip and non-gossip sites (there is no longer any difference).

All these second-hand moralists judge me without knowing anything about my private life other than what the newspapers report on statements "by others".

I have never said a word on the subject even if I have some stone to clear away, but faced with the morbid curiosity of some journalists, even those venerated as impertinent, I have always chosen to gloss over with banal words of circumstance because my affairs , they are mine alone and social media or newspapers should not be used to resolve or explain family issues.

This petty moralism demonstrates only one thing: that pouring out one's dissatisfaction, misery and false puritanism out of envy on one's neighbor, relative or public figure remains, for many, the only relief from an unfulfilling life.

Spitting moral judgments on others without knowing doesn't make you better people, nor does it help to clear your conscience, on the contrary.

And the pleasure of having feasted on others, believing themselves to be better, remains an ephemeral pleasure.

I really don't care with the approval of these people.

Heather Parisi


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