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Heather Parisi

Take off your mask

Posted December 29th, 2022

In Hong Kong we go back to living as normal human beings.

Or at least, almost as normal human beings given that the mask obligation remains.

But starting today, a vaccination certificate is not required anymore to enter restaurants, cinemas, etc.

I've never had a negative thought about having to live on the margins of society, I've never had second thoughts about my choice not to get vaccinated despite the whole world harassing, criminalizing, ridiculing and treating the unvaccinated like plague.

But I don't forget neither I forgive.

I have always defended freedom of choice, one way or the other and I will continue to do so.

But over time I have discovered that there is a slight difference between us "unvaccinated" and the experts and opinion leaders who "promote" vaccines.

They hope that we "unvaccinated" will end up in the hospital and die in order to prove that they are in the "true".

We pray that the hundreds of thousands of adverse reactions and sudden post-vaccine deaths do not happen to people who have been forced to get vaccinated.

Unfortunately these three years have taught us nothing, and these days it seems we have returned to January 2020 again. .

It truly feels like stepping back in time with the "ostracism of chinese spring rolls".

And we all know how it ended.

Don't believe what the mainstream media tells you, don't be intimidated by these obedient and zealous servant puppets who spread lies to obey their masters.

Turn off the television and use newspapers to clean the floor at home.

No more terror, no more lies.



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