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If freedom is conditioned by a

Posted February 09th, 2022

And so Hong Kong too, as Italy, introduces the hateful instrument of oppression and enslavement of citizens, excluding the unvaccinated from society by relegating them to pariah.

In Hong Kong it will be called the "vaccination bubble". Never was a name more appropriate, since it has the consistency and scientific medical validity of a bubble.

In the last few days, testing massively people randomly, 1000 cases have been detected, all asymptomatics and 70% vaccinated with a double dose.

Since 70% of the population is vaccinated with two doses, it seems to me that the vaccine variable is NOT decisive.

But now there is no longer even the modesty of having to justify these wicked choices. It is now said openly: "These measures do not serve to stop the epidemic, but to convince people to get vaccinated".

But why, if the chances of infections are exactly the same between vaccinated and non-vaccinated?


Two countries, Italy and Hong Kong, which have completely forgotten their tradition of democracies, transforming themselves into perfect torturers of the inviolable rights of freedom of every single citizen.

From February 24th I will not be able to go to shopping centers, hairdressers, gyms, cinemas, places of worship, I will not be able to play sports, I will not be able to shop at the supermarket.

The list of "no's" is endless. For now, public transport is excluded from the bans (in this Italy still holds the record).


I'll make up my mind. These abuses only reinforce my personal decision NOT to be vaccinated.

Our lives will be guided by our 11-year-old twins who are spared from this madness until they turn 12.

Unheard of and sad when you think about the responsibility they will bear.

They will make all the necessary purchases, they will go to the post office, to the bank ...

To all of you who feel safe because you have a "pass", I say "if your freedom is conditioned by a piece of paper, it is not freedom, but simple obedience".




February 09th, 2022 09:31

How do you think it will turn out??

February 14th, 2022 11:48

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