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Heather Parisi

The most overestimated virtue

Posted February 07th, 2022

Life today is made up less and less of us, our needs, our feelings, our thoughts, our doubts and, more and more of what we are asked to give up for others.

I always push myself to do better, to be a better person, but it doesn't have to be just for others.

It can be egotistical for ourselves, too.

At the end of the day, we are individuals.

Thinking about yourself isn't bad.

For me, being socially responsible is one of the most overestimated virtues.

In these past two years, I have been afraid of being myself, but not anymore.

If I could ask any human being for a gift, I'd ask them to be kind and let me take care of myself .




February 07th, 2022 13:46

All you need is Love, as everyone in the world. I love you so much even when I don't think like you. You know it. I'm waiting for your autobiography, also online on the blog. God bless you, sweetie pie. 🤩😘🤗

June 22th, 2022 09:56

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February 09th, 2024 15:54

So you admit that getting vaccinated is socially responsible and that you think being socially responsible is a bad thing?

LOL what a bad look!

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