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Milan, Jan 15th, 2022

Posted January 16th, 2022

Let's say it out loudly

For a year and a half now, the life of who has taken the wrong side,

it has been a crescendo of society's slavery

we have been relegated to the pariah group of this society

and those who are famous and well-known have been attacked and

criminalized, by the currupt media mainstream and corrupt opinion leaders

Everyone thinking that today being part of the so-called irresponsable NOVAX,

can bring any advantage, is in perfect bad faith or he/she is a perfect imbecile

All I have been saying in this last year, I didn't say because

I'm seeking fame or notoriety, I didn't say it because

I'm not responsible or a deserter, I said it because I'm a citizen and

like every other citizen, I have the sacred right to participate in the decisions which effect my life,

but above all, it is because I'm a mother who wants to defend her children's rights

to decide for their own body, own health, own life

When you are talking about your own health, no one has the right to decide for me, for us.

what is the right risk/benefit ratio one has to accept between experimental vaccines and their advantages

Nobody has the right to decide how many bullets in the gun

that they force us to aim the gun to our temple every single time that they ask us to get a jab

Our Governments, the experts, the pharmaceutical companies themselves,

admitted that these vaccines do not prevent nor stop the virus but they only help to cure the disease

Well, even in Italy every cure of any disease, is linked to our consent nobody has the right to decide for us

how we must cure ourselves.

Stop discriminating the unvaccinated because they use their inviolable human rights achieved

with the sacrifice of thousandsof innocent people.

Stop blaming the unvaccinated for foolish the failure of the government's policies towards the pandemic

and the failure of the experts.

The unvaccinated just exercise their right.

Hate, segregation and blame towards those of the society who think differently, promoted by Governments

and almost all of media mainstream are the exact same behaviours, which led to one of

the most shameful moments in human history.

Do they really want to repeat history?

And I appeal to all those silent citizens who chose to be vaccinated, by choice, as it should be

Now you arrived to a point where you need to put your fear away and stand up in the defense of the rights

of those who have made a different choice from yours Keeping your mouth shut, today, towards injustices and inequalities

makes you "partners in crime" and most of all it puts you on a path of a future life of slavery.

Looking back in history, has good ever been done with threats, intimidation, blackmail and fabricated lies

Ask yourself,

has goodness ever been made in this way?

How can goodness come from intimidation, blackmail and fabricated lies?

It's time to wake up from this hypnosis fear, promoted by mainstream

Let's start thinking critically again, asking questions and ...and expect answers

Don't let them put us against each other

Let's go back to putting to the center of our life individual choice, family and freedom of all human beings,


I'm sorry not to be there with you physically but spiritually

I am next to you, I send you huge hug.




January 21th, 2022 13:48

What are you doing the rest of your life? The Chairwoman of the Board? 🤔😉

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