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Heather Parisi

Damned for eternity

Posted December 06th, 2021


I wake up every morning with a smile.

Life is a wonderful gift and if you are lucky enough to live it with the person you adore and by whom you are adored in equal measure, you can see the light even in the darkness.

But this morning, my awakening was full of perplexity.

I cannot understand some of the comments and I begin to seriously doubt the clarity of people.

My latest post is a cry of alarm and pain for children being used as Guinea Pigs for an inoculation that has NOT been thoroughly tested.

This is not disinformation.

We ALL know that for a thousand reasons "there was no material time" to test this vaccine on children.
Anyone who believes that testing 2000 children for a few months is enough to check for side effects, is either an idiot or a criminal.

My young children received the traditional vaccines, the ones that have been tested for YEARS and that I received, too.
But now NO. My children will NOT be used for this mass experimentation, because this is what is actually happening.

Stay away from my children, because I will kick your ass and if I were in my country I would use something else.

Some of you continue to enter my profile promising to "not follow me anymore" and yet you are still here.

What's this? After all, what I say attracts you?

Others hit my knuckles with a ruler saying it is false information.

I verify and expose only official documents and data.

Do you still believe in TV, newspapers and experts who in two years have told you everything and the opposite of everything, contradicting practically everything they said?
Are you so hypnotized?

Or, are you for the easy choices, the ones that don't jeopardize your comforts?

Free to do it.

But where do you find the time to troll in my house?

I mean, do you have at least a life of your own, apart from trolling those who think differently from the regime you live in and whom you adore as servants?

Put your soul in peace, because I have BLOCKED you once again.
1,700 followers who have absolutely nothing to do in their life, other than spreading hatred and discrimination.

It seems that most of you, once you have made up your mind, would rather make a commitment to keep making mistakes than admitting that you are wrong.

And above all, to justify that decision, you lash out against those who have decided otherwise, those who have doubts and ask questions.

Censorship is the antechamber of the death of the human being.

And you, women, who attack so hard, you should be ashamed!

You are MOTHERS !!!

How can you allow your children to be injected with a substance inwhich the consequences are unknown in the short, medium and long term, to prevent a disease for which they have ZERO risk?

To protect adults?

But this is against NATURE and it is criminal.

Since when are younger lives sacrificed for older ones?

History will not forget.

Be damned for eternity.




December 06th, 2021 09:35

Il vaccino antiCovid non è stato messo a punto per sterminare la popolazione mondiale. I vaccini a mRna sono almeno vent'anni che si studiano e sperimentano. La medicina è materia complessa ed è doveroso fidarsi, specie, in un contesto come questo. Almeno, io mi sento di far passare questo messaggio. Ognuno...

December 06th, 2021 14:38

I vaccini mRna cara signora o caro signore, si studiano da anni SENZA SUCCESSO! E tra l'altro sono stati studiati per cercare di curare persone malate, ufficialmente malate, attraverso l'introduzione nel corpo di proteine sane, normali. Mentre quello che stanno facendo adesso è introdurre nel corpo proteine responsabili di virus. Da qualunque prospettiva di guardi la cosa, o stanno sbagliando adesso in modo doloso oppure per anni non hanno curato persone malate con una tecnologia valida continuando a trarre profitto dalle sofferenze della gente. Della scienza non ci si fida. La scienza deve quotidianamente provare, sulla base di dati inconfutabili, di avere ragione. Altrimenti si chiama fede. E comunque, l'unico messaggio che ognuno di noi dovrebbe sentirsi di lasciar passare in questo momento storico, è la tutela delle libertà inviolabili individuali.

December 06th, 2021 14:39

È un grido per difendere la libertà inviolabile individuale

December 12th, 2021 13:50

La maternità surrogata è una grandissima svolta nella medicina riproduttiva che permette alle coppie con problemi di fertilità avere il loro figlio biologico. Per la maggior parte delle famiglie sterili la maternità surrogata attualmente è una smisurata opportunità di sperimentare la felicità di essere genitori.

madri surrogate

December 25th, 2021 23:56

Pienamente d'accordo con te Heather!

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