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"Cicala stai zitta"

Posted October 18th, 2021

Here we are.
This is how this pandemic & the people who managed this pandemic, are manipulating us.
One against the other.
Since I declared that I decided NOT to get this vaccine, I have been aggressively & verbally attacked in every aspect of my life.
I cannot talk, I cannot write, I'm not the one writing (neither in Italian nor English), they say I escaped Italy (even though I come back whenever I want, with my entire family), I'm just a ballerina without any right of expressing my doubts ... and so on ...
"Cicala stai zitta" is the most common broken record, for all of those who are living in a small, closed minded world.
I don't want to believe that 80% of Italians are like this.
I refuse to accept it.
I do not recognize Italy anymore ...
Some of you are really tollerant and open minded and this gives me hope.
But you are scared to talk freely for the consequences that you are going to pay with friends, family and at work.
I receive thousands of email and messages from you.
I'm totally on your side, never forget this.
But what about all the others who keep pushing us apart?
They are being encouraged and brainwashed by television, newspapers and public figures and, they feel empowered to destroy whoever thinks differently.
Well, I cannot change the majority of this Italian society's mentality, but for sure, I won't tollerate it in any of my social profiles.


October 18th, 2021 11:33

Quello che è totalmente inaccettabile nei social, sono i toni che spesse volte si usano...

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