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The Eleventh Hour

Posted October 11th, 2021

To all of you who are asking why I speak on my social profiles, with so much passion regarding worldwide news & current events...
Never has there been a time that each and every one of us must let our voices be heard, to defend our right to Freedom & our disapproval that many a government, including my USA, and my adoptive country Italy, who are threatening with a complete disregard of laws and principles of the constitution.
Why must we all be vaccinated, putting on an act, that we WANT to be vaccinated?
Why are they forcing us to sign a piece of paper where it is written down in black and white that they DIDN'T force us and we must accept all responsibilities of a choice that doesn't even exist?
Why are they using the tools of cowards, to blackmail, coercing people who have doubts?
The exact same methods of the organized crime: pay or we burn down your home.
It's called extortion.
The United States is the Land of the Free. What happened?
We will NOT undergo passively with our heads bowed low, for the sake of convenience.
Our voices will be heard today because tomorrow will be too late, this IS the eleventh hour.
Let's do it, respecting the law, but decisively and without letting the mainstream media frighten us, making us come across as ugly, filthy and villains.
Because we're not!!
We are citizens as well and until vaccines aren't mandatory, we have an entitlement and Freedom of Choice, without bullying and harassment, without any forms of exclusion, blackmail or threatening to take our jobs away and, our social lives.

No Mandatory Vaccines
No to Green Pass
And we will say NO to the discrimination towards those of us who wants their Free choice, of not being vaccinated.
No !!!



October 10th, 2021 12:47

Ti adoro, combattiamo insieme questa ingiustizia, questo ricatto!

October 11th, 2021 14:45

Found your post interesting to read. I cant wait to see your post soon. Good Luck with the upcoming update. This article is really very interesting and effective.

October 18th, 2021 14:18

Diciamo "no" a chi parla senza sapere, a chi non è competente in materia...E questo, vale per qualsiasi argomento. 😉

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