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Somersault of logic

Posted June 21th, 2021

Six months ago, answering the question if I would get vaccinated, I said that "neither I nor my family would do it because I considered these vaccines against Covdi19 experimental" as admitted by the same pharmaceutical companies that produce them and by the drug agencies that instead of “approving” them, they have only “authorized” their use in an emergency (EUA procedure).

Open up heaven! The mainstream media crucified me on the spot. The most popular refrain launched by one of the virologists of the Televisione Sunday evening was "If you get sick you stick to the tram".

Since that moment, I have become a "denier" which is the name reserved for all those who are relegated to the infernal circle of society's pariahs.

It took only six months to witness a 360-degree turnaround from the media mainstream which would also be a positive fact if it did not hide, as is increasingly the case with mainstream information, a sneaky purpose.

Today mainstream journalism is allowed to say that vaccines against Covid19 are experimental without incurring censorship of social media or media pillory. It is safe to say that "somehow" the millions of people who have undergone the vaccination are part of a mass experimentation done "in real time"; that the consequences for our health are unknown and that the doubts of those who do not want to vaccinate are inspired by common sense (I quoted what Floris from Gruber said verbatim).

But with a logical twist as bold as it is deceptive and hypocritical, for the mainstream media the common sense doubts of those who do not want to vaccinate are the cause that can lead to compulsory vaccination.

For the mainstream media, therefore, a doubt based on common sense is not a reason to open a free discussion in the scientific community about the validity and risks of vaccines against Covid19, but, on the contrary, it configures the crime of treason of the official creed and how this must be punished with the deprivation of the freedom of vaccination choice.

If it weren't terribly tragic, it would also be bitterly comic.



October 18th, 2021 15:49

Perbacco!!! Neanche il bravissimo Yuri Chechi faceva capriole così! Ma...Non farà girare troppo la testa??🤔

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