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The right man and the right age

Posted March 24th, 2021

I keep receiving, in private, letters from women desperate to find the right man, or woman, to become mothers at an older age.

They compliment my tenacity and my desire to have children at 50.

Which, at the time, caused a bit of a stir !!!

There are no secrets and there are no magic formulas when it comes to finding Love.

I believe that everyone has their own path.

When I was young, my only priority was to become a mother.

With age I realized that to be fully, you must be able to count on a true Love.

I needed a person who loved me for who I am, not envious of my fame (oh yes, there have been some) and with whom I could confide my fears without being afraid of being judged.

For a long, long time, I have felt "out of place and useless". The covers, the television broadcasts and being on everyone's lips do not cure the pain of a lost mind and heart. At best, they are painkillers but, like painkillers, they don't work in the long run.

And suddenly it happened him, the true love of my "life", my EFIL, Umberto Maria.

Together we insisted and WISHED with all of ourselves, Elizabeth and Dylan, these precious souls.

It was not an easy journey, and you have to be willing to stay away from anyone who hinders this choice and desire.

Because there will undoubtedly be those who are against pregnancy in old age out of bigotry, out of jealousy, out of envy, out of inability to love unconditionally.

Someone will be lost along the way and someone else will be bought.

But above all, you will acquire the joy of living the life of a mother ...



March 26th, 2021 14:15

Ogni bimbo che nasce, è la vita che si rinnova: non è fantastico, superfantastico?

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