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Posted February 15th, 2021

Luckily there are people like Mirco Vandelli and Matteo Gracis, authors of this video.

People with such a critical mind are today defined as "mentally ill".

The numbers you will see in the video all come from official statistics from state bodies, ISTAT, ISS, and international bodies such as the WHO.

For months we have been overwhelmed by millions of useless numbers from so-called experts who often deny each other or even themselves. This "overdose" of non-useful information is not accidental. When you give 'too much' useless information, it is because you want to leave the important information out.

Some of you, regarding this post, will be scandalized without even watching the video, because they consider themselves the custodians of the absolute truth and morally superior.

Others will cut and paste some researched articles on Google as if the data analysis could be done by typing three words on a search engine.

Others will write the usual idiotic comment "you are like or worse than Cuccarini" because they are short of ideas and their horizons have stopped at the rivalry of two characters (for them it is so reassuring).

But I am convinced that many of you, will read, listen and try to add something to their knowledge and, attempt to reason with their own mind, rather than just accepting what is imposed by the mainstream media.

And, I don't care how many it will be.

"the fatal tendency of men to stop thinking about a question when it is no longer in doubt [...] is the cause of half of their errors. .... if there are people who deny a generally accepted opinion, or who they would do it, if the law or the public allowed them, let's thank them. [John Stuart Mill]




February 17th, 2021 09:25

Something is rotten in the State of Denmark...

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