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The only certainty we have is that we have no certainty

Posted August 05th, 2020

My latest post sparked many comments on all social media, a sign that the topic is dear to many.

Impossible for me to answer everyone.

For this reason, I decided to collect some thoughts addressed to all those who wrote me.

Confronting on such divisive subjects, should be part of us and it would be right not to denigrate, diminish and offend those who think otherwise.

Unfortunately, I note that among the collateral damages of this emergency, we must also include an increasingly strong feeling of intolerance towards those who do not adapt to the dominant thought.

Some have suggested that I should speak only of the "reality that I live" (overflying the stupidity of those who say "go back to being a dancer", for understandable reasons of intellectual decency) and I imagine they were referring to my country (Hong Kong or the USA). Too bad that when it happens, they are the exact same souls who contest what I say (evidently the rule applies only to me).

Think in what world we would live, if each of us were allowed to speak only "of lived realities". Basically we could only talk about our life and nothing else.

Even journalists would be allowed to speak only of theirs and perhaps, if you think about it, this would also be a good thing, given the full of falsehoods they offer us daily.

I, among other things, in my post, apart from the reference to the proposal of the school managers (the news is reported by the site OggiScuola as a proposal of the ANP of Lazio), I made a general speech that applies to everyone, regardless of the country of belonging and regardless of the stupid rankings of those who look at the country that has done better (normally the one they live in) and indicates which, in their opinion, has done worse (usually those who have done differently from their own).

It is not difficult to understand that in this tragic situation we are all in the same boat, because the effects, like a domino, end up falling on everyone.

To argue that everything will return as before, and that what happens has not influenced and does not influence our relationships, with serious repercussions on our society at an interpersonal as well as economic level, it seems so absurd to me that I prefer, not to comment.

My considerations were and are sociological since I have not expressed any opinion on the usefulness of the mask.

However, I want to remind you all that, at the beginning, I was criticized and derided for wearing it, when in Italy and in the rest of the world, it was said (including experts) that it was not necessary.

Moreover, WHO itself has had a changing attitude (to put it mildly) on its usefulness and even today many experts recommend it only indoors and not outdoors.

I am happy that many live with certainties.

I am less happy that many criminalize anyone who thinks differently even if only on sociological topics (let alone others).

This alone would be enough to make us understand how compromised our society is.

In all of this emergency, the only certainty we have, is that we have no certainty.

Governments, health institutions, medical experts, all have continually contradicted themselves on every single aspect.

From prevention to treatment, from origin to duration, from the numbers of the infected to the efficiency of the tampons, in all countries of the world, we have witnessed continuous twirls.

On the other hand, the individual citizen, in all of the countries in the world, has been asked to renounce many of their Freedom including that of supporting himself economically.

On the basis of these premises, I do not have the certainties that many have, regarding the effectiveness and truthfulness of what I am told by institutions and experts.

Instead, I have the certainty that for many citizens around the world, the consequences will be tragic on an economic and social level.

Taking note and talking about this, it is not disrespectful for those who have suffered and suffer, but simply a duty for those who will have to face very difficult months ahead.




August 05th, 2020 14:18

La piaga del genere umano è la paura ed il rifiuto della diversità. La convinzione che ci sia un solo modo giusto per "tutto" è la causa principale della più grande minaccia per l'uomo. Mentre la tolleranza è il più grande dono della mente: essa richiede al cervello lo stesso sforzo necessario per stare in equilibrio su una bicicletta. By all means maintain an open mind, but not so open that your brain falls out...

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