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The Immigrant by Checco Zalone

Posted December 15th, 2019

Me dancer, you Tarzan. 
For certain "Web Idiots" this is the maximum that I, as an American Dancer, can write. 
Isn't the idea of someone's thoughts being valued not by what is in the message or contents, but for who you are, what you do, what clothes your are wearing or, by your accent, discrimination, as well,?
To bring down any person to a stereotype Culture, is the most far-reaching of mental laziness of all time. 
I believe the right to each and every one of us to have freedom of speech of whatever their thoughts might be, without censor, but also with prejudices. 
And, there is no "Lèse-majesté" when one is expressing his or her ideation. 
When I saw Checco Zalone's video "L'Immigrato", I immediately became perturbed. 
I have no doubt that Checco Zalone is one of the most liberal, liberating and, tollerant people in the world, but, I am not so sure that his message will reach the destination that we desire. 
Checco Zalone's, "L'immigrato" is focused on clichés that has absolutely nothing to do with irony. 
Irony is something else. Irony consists on showing that it is the exact opposite that is more believable than any clichés.
If to prove and explain the irony of a music video, there is a need to bother the "Mâitre à penser" of Italian Journalism and to resort to philosophical thesis', well, this means that the intended message isn't as crystal clear and comprehensible to those who will be on the receiving line. Catch my drift?
Maybe Checco's intention was really to condemn the feeling of the average Italian's mentality, of being totally convinced that they are being haunted by immigrants, or maybe, with a sort of "smart ass" insidious mentality, he is trying to be  "Nazionalpopolare" and to give a wink to one side and then, to the other.
But it is certain, that in the end, it will arrive to a result that strengthens the idea that those clichés represent the true reality.
There is a grave concept of misunderstanding of using stereotypes when being ironic. But to play with symbols and stereotypes, requires a strong awareness that, many a time, the desirable impact doesn't always correspond with those obtained and, in the long run, you can get duped.


berenietzsche December 27th, 2019 23:01

Nessuno ha il potere di farci sentire a disagio se non glielo permettiamo, o addirittura inferiori. In qualunque circostanza della vita, viviamo a testa alta, con le spalle dritte ed il petto in fuori. E, cambiando discorso, grazie Heather e grazie Umberto.

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