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Shoot fish in a barrel

Posted November 27th, 2019

Dear Beppe Grillo,

To have the Minister of Foreign Affairs Luigi Di Maio shoot fish in a barrel regarding Hong Kong and to have him refusing to sign a bill - presented by Maurizio Lupi and supported by PD, Leu, Italia Viva, Forza Italia, Lega e Fdl - in which it is asked the government's support to "verify, in the international headquarters, the violation of Human Rights" and, to ask to grant the activist, Joshua Wong's Visa,  aligning his "commitments with the European Parliament" and favouring the release from prison of "the Protesters arrested during their marches".

Is not only CRAVEN-HEARTED but COWARDLY as well.






berenietzsche December 27th, 2019 17:23

Non c'è peggior sordo di chi non vuol sentire, e, non c'è peggior cieco di chi non vuol vedere... Atteggiamento vile e meschino. Sicuramente, più "comodo"... per chi è privo di spina dorsale...

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