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Heather Parisi


Posted May 28th, 2019

Once a hermit, always a hermit ...

And, at times, it isn't our own choice.

I suffer from agoraphobia & it isn't a cup of tea, believe you, me, especially when living with almost 8 million people in a Ratio of 1,100 Square km.

The MTR (Hong Kong's Subway), has been like a Chinese medicine for me, literally throwing in your face, millions of people, non stop and, there is nothing you can do about it, because it is the only transportation that will get you rapidly, from one place to the next.

But, I have been cured by the Mtr Subway, at least for now.

Like all big cities, the traffic is absurd, as it is from New York to London, and, everyone here agrees on that!

The Mtr Subway in Hong Kong is the only way you will arrive on time.

Will I win it over today, yet again? 

I love HK.




May 28th, 2019 09:44

Ce la farai, honey, come ce l'hai sempre fatta nella vita. Non è facile, ma, affrontare ogni giorno le nostre paure o fobie vere e proprie, ci rafforza. Se può consolarti, darling, io ho il problema opposto... E, ti assicuro, che anche la claustrofobia mica scherza! Siamo una bella coppia, ci compensiamo!!! Equilibrio perfetto, direi. Kisses!

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