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Kill Em With Kindness

Posted November 08th, 2018

We must begin to treat others with respect and try to extinguish the fire of hatred and intolerance towards others that is raging everywhere.
Adults have enormous responsibilities towards the growing generations.
In the United States, as in China or in Europe, the number of teenagers, discriminated, mocked and bullied by their peers, who commit suicide is increasing .
The text of "Kill Em with Kindness" is true and extremely actual.
Elizabeth immediately fell in love with this song, and when she saw three kids laughing at the difficulties of an autistic child, she confronted them by singing the same words and using "the signs of the deaf".
We are all the same, or not?



serendipity November 08th, 2018 09:41

Siamo tutti uguali, sicuro. Ma la storia dell'umanità ci ha sempre dimostrato il contrario. Sterminio della razza, discriminazioni sessiste, favoritismi professionali... L'uomo, finché non imparerà a guardare con gli occhi di un bambino, resterà sempre cieco. Love makes the world go round...isn't true???

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