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A Smile after the Hurricane ....

Posted September 17th, 2018

Hong Kong, September 17th, 2018


Children are unparalleled and phenomenal with their mental elasticity.

They pass from one moment of terror, to joy, within minutes, as if turning the page of a book.

It isn’t easy explaining Elizabeth and Dylan’s mood during Mangkhut’s voyage yesterday.

After 8 years of living in Hong Kong, Typhoons are not something out of the extraordinary….as in, we are totally used to them.

But Mangkhut was already becoming famous, as it was announced that it would be the most dangerous in the history of Hong Kong, travelling towards us with winds up to 230 km. And, unfortunately, it didn’t deceive what we were waiting for.

Elizabeth was awake the entire night before, and started pacing around our home from 6:00 am onwards, saying that she wanted to be “prepared”.

As we observed the view from our high building, looking out the window, we saw our city resisting the terrifying fury of most winds. Our chandeliers were swaying back and forth, which meant that our entire building was shaking at times, defending itself from the hurricane’s force, without, bending.

We were extremely fortunate. Most of the windows surrounding our building, broke into pieces and started flying near our windows, and some flew directly into our swimming pool.

Neighborhoods all over Hong Kong were flooded, and many of them near the ocean were destroyed. It was a tremendous spectacle.

It happened on a Sunday, and for the people of Hong Kong, that wasn’t a random choice. Monday is a new workday and people want to go about with their business.

In fact, already today, it seemed, believe it or not, a “normal” day of life, without complaining and dedicating themselves to rebuilding the broken parts of the city.

And, for the children, with all schools being closed, which is a better remedy than a visit to a new Animal Spa Veterinarian Centre?




September 17th, 2018 09:23

L'espressione del viso dei vostri splendidi bimbi unitamente a quella dell'amichetto di oggi non ha bisogno di parole. Sono sinceramente felice per voi e vorrei che ognuno avesse avuto la stessa fortuna. Abbiate una serena giornata e...domani è un altro giorno! Sicuramente migliore. Per tutti.

September 28th, 2018 23:07

Il coraggio e la forza che si trasmette ai figli non ha eguali..un istinto che non ha regole...o forse una importante: amare , gli animali fanno tanta compagnia e ci aiutano talvolta a trovare il meglio di noi stessi e dopo la tempesta il sereno, kissxxx

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