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United Airlines from Hell.....

Posted April 13th, 2017

United States


Words fail me even though I am here giving my opinion, regarding the United Airlines flight incident the other day ... 

I have taught myself to think it over and not write immediately what is on my mind....reflect, then go for it. 

There are, as always, a few versions, but it doesn't make any difference. Let me give you a brief idea of what happened.

On United Airlines Flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville, when all passengers had already boarded and were in their seats, the company realized that they needed 4 seats. At first everyone was convinced that overbooking was the deal (they sold more tickets than seats available), but what they actually needed were 4 seats for one of their United Airlines' crew, for another flight ...

Three passengers agreed to receive the voucher (raised up to US$1,000) and accepted to catch another flight. The fourth person didn't volunteer so, officials started "randomly" choosing who was to be bumped, or might I say, DRAGGED off the plane.

Not knowing the actual "casual" method they used to pick the fourth person, (an Asian Doctor), I am deeply appalled by seeing an elderly Asian man being dragged violently down the aisle, off the plane. He banged his head (blood squirting right and left) while being savagely lugged off.....

This isn't the first time that United Airlines has done a gaffe or two. Think a few weeks ago, when two girls were told that their legging were NOT appropriate attire for an airplane. (Really?!)

It seems that flying, in general, has become a nightmare.

Isn't Freedom the key word in The United States of America? ... It seems that they are proving every new day, to be intollerant and racist.

I am perplexed in asking myself, and, you ... would they have "randomly" picked a Caucasian or is it just a coincidence that the man in question is Asian? Normally this would happen to an African American, but Oriental was first in line, this time around.

There are absolutely no excuses for these actions. It should be screamed from the top of our lungs with no if's and no but's.

United Airlines' passive and abhorrently vague comments (and congratulating the crew!!) concerning their latest faux pas to a passenger who had paid for his ticket and, was already sitting in his seat, will go down in history. 

Safety is a must and it should be illegal to overbook flights. Plus an airline cannot refuse to allow someone to fly, who has paid for their ticket. 

United Airlines should be listed as one of the companies to avoid and, should be boycotted. 

Words fly regarding people's rights, of the consumer, the traveller, television audiences, but in my modest opinion, I am catching the drift that we just don't count, and that we have to submit only to a sole law: the powerful ones, which can be from the multinationals, lobby or elite (financial or political), the faculty that decides for us. 

Apart from the Celeb Tweets, a few others on Twitter went haywire with rage, catching my sly eye as in:

@JeffreyGoldberg "Looking forward to @united flight later this week. Will bring a lawyer, just in case" and

@joshgad "Having flown #united last week, I feel very blessed to not be tweeting this message from a hospital bed."

.....first the famous MUSLIM BAN and now we are never to forget that "Fight Club" might be the movie, uhm I mean the action, happening aboard.




P.S. Dr. David Dao wasn't holding a gun to anyone's head, he wasn't needling up with drugs and, he wasn't having sex on this plane. So, for me, he was a "normal" citizen who had paid for his airline ticket, and, was already sitting in his seat. Period.





April 13th, 2017 09:59

Per quanto mi costi ammetterlo (per l amore immisurabile che nutro per gli USA) sempre più spesso ci sono abusi di potere da parte dei vari gruppi di maggioranza. In tutti gli ambiti. Dal più insignificante al più serio. E mi trovo perfettamente d'accordo con le tue parole! Anche per quello che riguarda l'assoluta dominanza televisiva (in italia sopratutto) é sconcertante vedere come si sia ridotta a una tale pochezza la fascia d'intrattenimento. Gestita da "regnanti" che adottano la politica del terrore dietro le quinte.
Grazie Heather per questo spunto riflessivo.😘

April 13th, 2017 13:44

L'umanità è lontana anni luce dall'insegnamento pedagogico del "siamo tutti uguali, siamo tutti fratelli": il mondo gira, nostro malgrado, sul potere, sui soldi, sul sesso. Io penso che se avvenisse un altro big bang ed il mondo ricominciasse da capo, si ripercorrerebbe, ahimè, lo stesso identico triste percorso... Homo sapiens? Ma sapiens di che???

April 13th, 2017 15:47


A proposito della tua riflessione, che condivido in pieno, sui " diritti" dei cittadini, in qualunque ambito, avete mai visto il film "Essi vivono" (They live) di John Carpenter?
Essi vivono, noi dormiamo, il film , tratto da un interessantissimo racconto, anticipa di alcuni decenni lo stato di arrendevole conformismo, inconsapevole ma dannoso, di cui le società occidentali sono pregne, e dove il popolo obbedisce a ordini, architettati attraverso messaggi subliminali e culture vuote di massa, e a decisioni di pochi.

April 13th, 2017 17:44

Concordo con la tua riflessione Heather e ti faccio i miei complimenti perché ogni volta ci metti la faccia e non è da tutti affrontare certi argomenti tanto "ingombranti" e delicati👍oramai noi non abbiamo alcun diritto ma solo doveri e subiamo trattamenti diversi a seconda di chi siamo....credo che questo non cambiera' mai😕un abbraccio e grazie di essere come TU SEI👍

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