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Heather Parisi

Who's way?! ...

Posted March 09th, 2015


I am not so sure that "My Way" (which would be "Our Way") hasn't an exit ....




March 09th, 2015 07:51

Very nice, great. I am not sure, that we have our own ways...I think everything is destined since we are in in the wombs of our mothers...We can change some things, most of these are shortcomings of our character, but not so much. My believe in God and Mother Mary give me strength every day to survive and to believe. So this is the way for me. But of course everyone has a different view and way of thinking. That's why we are different, that's why we are equal. Have a great day and week, Heather!

March 09th, 2015 10:23

Credo non esistano strade di vita senza uscita. E' tutta un cambio di direzione di scoperta di nuove strade ... Delle volte amiamo
Fare i fuori strada! Ma non importa .... Ognuno ritrova la sua via.....c'e sempre la seconda possibilità! Fermiamoci talvolta e oltre a guardare altrove guardiamo dentro di noi.....E' tutta una possibilità ...... Baci Heather

March 09th, 2015 15:26

Concordo con tutti voi!

March 11th, 2015 02:44

Well the old saying in America is God's way or the highway. Must be why we have terrible highway congestion.

March 17th, 2015 17:38

DI GOD :-)

June 17th, 2015 13:58

Una via di uscita vi è sempre... Non bisogna stancarsi di cercarla...

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