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Nut rage backfired ....

Posted January 15th, 2015

Seoul, South Korea


Every time that I read an article or hear a story, I immediately compare it with Italy. Don't ask me why, but since I was practically brought up in that amazing country, I am always trying to see the differences that cultures and ways of living match ....

Italy is beyond comparison, in it's own league .... but Asian countries have a different way of approaching and punishing ....

Being Daddy's little girl, especially if your Father is Cho Yang-ho, the Chairman of Korean Air, isn't always something to take advantage of !! 

Cho Hyun-ah, also known as Heather Cho (yes, there are other Heathers around the world!!) is or may I say, was, the vice-president of Korean Air. 

On a December 5th, sitting in 1st Class on a flight leaving New York she went into a bizarre rage because her macademia nuts were not on a plate but in a little bag. How she could become obnoxious on such a ridiculous matter, gets me.

She then ordered the Captain to return to the gate so that the senior flight attendant could be taken off the plane.

She had the luxury of being a top official with this airlines and other duties, for sure, guarded at all times by "Daddy"...... but thinking logically, she is a fool. 

She has since been arrested. She faces several charges, including inflight violence and changing a flight route -- prohibited under aviation law.

Prosecutors consider this egocentric move, allegedly endangered flight safety. 

Her life is ruined, she is an embarrassment to all and, in a country like Korea, has created an awkwardness for her future serenity .... If convicted, she also faces up to 15 year in prison .... 

Now, for just one moment, please try and imagine what would have happened in Italy .... 

Absolutely Nothing .... 

How many a time in Italy, have politicians and representatives of organizations or government departments and members of their families, taken advantage of the government's airplanes, flying them to the Grand Prix, Soccer games and to go skiing?!? ....




January 15th, 2015 09:42

Yes, asian culture is tottaly different from Europe and ours. If we have this, the world will be a defenetely better place.:) Enjoy your day dear Heather:)

January 16th, 2015 14:38


In Italia , se fosse stato uno dei nostri ministri per dire, avrebbe pure preteso le scuse dalla compagnia aerea

June 16th, 2015 13:48

Bisognerebbe imparare dagli altri, ogni tanto... Da noi, l'avrebbero applaudita come la "fighetta" dell'anno...

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