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Armed to the milk teeth....

Posted September 02th, 2014


The reason I started thinking about writing this article was because it literally scares the shit out of me anything concerning Gun Laws in the United States.

Adults of every kind, little elderly ladies with mini guns hidden in their purses, fanatical teenagers day dreaming that are in a video game, the distinct man with his suit and tie, and and .....have a gun or guns in their posession. Is it a fad?!

After all of the incidents that have "Jokers" and other masked teenagers roaming into schools and cinemas, to then open fire and execute their companions, little innocent children and movie goers; well now, I am now in shock.

I don't understand this unmanageable "Law" ...

In the up above photo, Abby, 8 years of age, is standing proudly with her pink rifle....oh, did you know that thousands of bright blue, pink and rainbow coloured rifles are the hit today. They look like toys and are tagged "My First Rifle", but they are lethal.

Not Barbie and Transformer Robots, like Bumble Bee.....but, firearms!!

In May, a 2 year old was shot dead by her 5 year old brother....

The photo below blew me away, when I read the caption "Mom arrested for buying BB gun for her kids, then driving them around so they could shoot at cars" .....

43 year old Susan drove her 13 and 15 year olds around Long Island for 2 weeks' time, shooting cars at random. When caught, she was put on bail for $30,000 and is still in custody.

Just glancing at what I wrote above, seems incredulous, let alone true.....but it is.

Americans are captivated and mesmerized with GUNS.

Most US states let children fire guns, even if they are too young to understand the meaning and how to use one. As young as 5 years old, even though the "Law" says "8 years of age and above" ....

Last, but of course not least, a 9 year old girl, on vacation at a tourist spot southeast of Las Vegas, accidentally shot and killed her instructor, Charles Vacca, 39 years old. He was standing right next to the girl teaching her how to use an automatic Uzi .... Her parents stood nearby, capturing a video of this experience, that will remain "an imperishable memory so great of wretched human stupidity" ....




September 02th, 2014 15:59

Ci vuole una legge che impedisca tutto ciò ,ma dove ci sono troppi interessi dietro .

September 02th, 2014 21:27

Terribile Heather
pienamente d'accordo con @rio.
Ci vuole un atto di coraggio, un atto direi umano che dica basta. E' vero che poi c'è il contrabbando, che si trovano altre forme, etc. ma direi che se le armi non sono acquistabili da chiunque forse diminurebbero tanti drammatici episodi che ben conosciamo.
Ci vuole una presa di coscienza soprattutto politica che dica NO.
Grazie Heather che ci tieni sempre aggiornati su ciò che succede nel mondo.
Alle volte davvero non capisco. Le armi in mano ai bambini e non solo sono pericolose ergo è meglio non venderle. Sembrerebbe ovvio. Invece no sempre più spesso vincono altre logiche.
Che tristezza.
Ma l'uomo è grande e meschino allo stesso tempo e chissà che le generazione future non cambino il punto da cui partire.



June 11th, 2015 14:28

L'America è contraddittoria per natura...Non è una giustificazione ma un triste dato di fatto...

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