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Justice done...?

Posted September 04th, 2013


I dare not call him a man or a person, since it would be an insult to the Human Race...

I believe that this cruelty belongs to a mental disease.......and that mental disease belongs to human beings.

We have been reading for years of the kidnappings and the "mentally" torturing of young girls, but what happened in Cleveland, Ohio, caught my eye....I have procrastinated on writing about him since so much was in the news already. As I often do, I wait, and then attempt to write about my feelings towards life and what it gives us.

When the waters have calmed down, I feel that I become more astute and sensible with my words.

Now I am able to open up regarding this tragic, incredibly "not clear" ordeal.

I will not go into sordid detail but will be I am sure the "facts" are already known and have been repeated many a time.


In Cleveland, Ohio, 3 young girls were swifted up into a van and vanished from the face of earth. For over 10 years' time these innocent creatures were not heard from. Michelle Knight was 21 years old and taken in 2002, Amanda Berry was 16 years old and taken in 2003, and Georgina De Jesus was 14 years old when taken in 2004.

When rescued, they were in 4............Amanda, in the meantime, had given birth to a baby girl who is now 6 years old. Michelle helped her during the complicated birth and her life was threatened by Castro, demanding that she save "his" baby, when the infant suddenly stopped breathing.

Michelle became pregnant 5 times.........................he beat her so hard and boorishly that she eventually miscarried them all. She was abused constantly during her agonizing captivity and undoubtedly suffered more than the other 2 young women.

Oh, let's not forget that each time he raped Georgina, he placed a paper bag over her head....       Well, she was his daughter Arlene's best friend and he couldn't look her in the eye.

Now, to go on and on, rewriting what has already been said, makes no sense and would seem even more disturbing.

Let's just say that once again, I am not convinced of everything I have read. These women have been trying to go on in life, the best way possible, but certain details and silence on others, leaves me perplexed. Very hush hush.....

Michelle refuses to have any contact whatsoever with her Mother....why? No photo of her was seen the first days of their rescue. Silence of her whereabouts and health, the moment, she is living with Amanda and will NOT leave her sight.

After watching a klutzy YouTube video where the 3 of them talk for the first time, I must admit that something seemed fishy. I found myself not convinced with what they were seeking to make us believe and we will probably never know the "real" truth.

What difference does it make at this point...

We shouldn't keep silent when there is violence towards women, but these happenings shouldn't become a "side show" to the morbidly curious.

I am asking myself other questions...

What will happen to Amanda's little girl?

Why didn't any of the girls, besides Michelle, say one word against Castro?

Yes, yes, it is often said that women who have been kidnapped become infactuated with their abductor.

How many famous incidents have the woman "falling in love" with the monster?

I am really not that surprised at all....there are many women who are in love with their violent and brutal husbands. And others that accept brutality towards their own children.

Is this a way of convincing yourself that "this reality" is the best way out?!

However abusive and ghastly their situation, there was "sympathy" for their snatcher.

Castro declared himself "not guilty" in the beginning (I was speechless) when told he would receive the death penalty. Then he pleaded "guilty" and was given "life in prison" plus 1000 years.

On Monday September 2nd at 9:20 pm, he was found dead, hanging in his cell.....

.................................apparent suicide?!





September 04th, 2013 13:49

Ciaooo Heather ke storia ........non so da dove iniziare a parlar di questa triste e sconvolgente raccontooo solo a pensare cio' ke ha fatto quell'individuo non voglio nominare neanche il cognomeee niente di niente a queste povere ragazze e poi la nascita di una bimba l'altra ke ha subito 5 aborti ho di brividiiii solo a pensarciii quanta violenza hanno subito secondo me ...............queste ragazze sono ancora sottochoc e..........questa esperienza le segnera' x tutta la vita .........sara' difficile ritornare nella normalita' avranno bisogno di un appoggio morale e psicologico ke dire Heather sono contro la violenza sulle donne !!!!! Qualsiasi violenza anche quella psicologica non e' da meno povere donne o uomini che capitano in situazioni del genere ti abbraccio affettuosamente e un bacio a tuoi bellissimi figli/e da Dany71 Ca

September 05th, 2013 00:55

Cara mia dolce Heahter
Mi stupisce sempre di più la tua sensibilità per ciò che accade nel mondo.

E’ proprio vero che la bieca cattiveria umana non ha limiti. Non so se possiamo dire che queste ragazze potranno avere giustizia e pace. Certamente non potranno sperare di avere una giustizia umana ma visto che spesso accadono degli imprevisti inaspettati … auguro loro che trovino la serenità incontrando persone che le amino senza tornaconti e ricatti ma solo con affetto vero e sincero.

Grazie Heather … e quando puoi rispondi alle domande che ho postato …. Lo so che sono terribile però so anche che ti diverti a sorprenderci quando ti viene il guizzo giusto (e quando viene secondo me lo sa solo Dio)



PS: ma in questi giorni sei veramente irrefrenabile. Giuro che faccio fatica a starti dietro ma meglio cosi ...

... dimenticavo la foto con i twins è divina ... come te :)

September 05th, 2013 04:40

With what these women have gone through without any help for years I am amazed that they can function at all mentally. As for Mr Castro, God was watching and has called him to final judgment. I'm sure the devil has a special place for him in the darkest, deepest, hottest place in hell.

September 05th, 2013 09:16

Very sad, very tragic.... How is possible?

September 05th, 2013 16:53

Cara Heather,
un mostro ripugnante, vita se la poteva togliere prima avrebbe risparmiato violenza, sofferenza, strazio,....
Sono ancora una volta senza parole...

September 08th, 2013 14:46

Hai detto gia' tutto tu..... non serve altro.

June 03th, 2015 14:56

Mettere in galera e....buttare la chiave... That is it.

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