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A simple chat among friends .... by Joao Turchi

Posted August 23th, 2019

Here it is below the chat with Joao Turchi for ITALIANSDOITBETTER


Dear Heather, I will begin by taking immediate advantage, not authorized, can I call you Crilu’? Can I?

It is my favorite 45 inch record, coming from my heart!

Mine, too!! Even though Crilu’ is for sure at the top of my list, it is quite difficult to say that I have only one song that I am most fond of.


How are you?

I must admit that I am exhausted and busy as a bee, at doing, in my opinion, the hardest job in the world, which I adore by the way: being a Mommy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And on top of that, a Mother of nine year old twins that are Homeschooled! I have told you all.


Well, to start off with, THANK YOU so much for accepting this “chat between girlfriends”, knowing that you are busy with work and being a Super Mother I am imagining that you have little time, so, please I need you to know that I appreciate it and thank you from the bottom of my Heart!

I am writing to you from a sun-drenched humid Rome with the hope of taking a virtual tea together, but with this heat, would you mind if I get instead a Stracciatella and pistachio ice cream; oh, by the way, which is your favorite flavor?

I am not truly enthusiastic for ice cream, which together with Pizza, are my husband’s favorite foods. If I had to give you an idea of which flavor I like, a tiny bit, it would be Dark Chocolate.

I remember when I had just given birth to the twins and Umberto brought me a huge container from an Ice cream Parlour near Via Cola Di Rienzo. Now, that was delicious ice cream!!


And, most of all, how is your situation in Hong Kong now?

Well, if you are talking about what is happening at the time being with the protests, I can assure you that Hong Kong is a city that will “regenerate” to an impressive speed of time, without breaking down or becoming agitated.

A few hours after the protesters had passed by, the city went right back to normal, as if nothing had happened. Certain people want the world to think that these manifestations are riots, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Even in a complicated situation, there is an incredible public spirit and a great majority of the citizens of Hong Kong are actually on the students’ side.


In a metropolis like Hong Kong, out of curiosity, how does the rubbish/garbage collection work? I am asking because here in Rome, it is a disaster…

Hong Kong is an extremely clean city. This is thanks to who administrates it, and, as I said before, the nationalism and public spirit of us all.


I have so many things to ask you, being a DJ and so, I will be inspired by asking, (for an example…) Cicale Cicale’s bridge lyrics say, “I am fine when with you” looking at your Instagram profile it would seem that this phrase would be your exact Family life at the moment, or am I wrong?

I would like to be sincere. Success has 2 sides to a coin, it gives to you but, at the same time, puts you under lock and key.

Today I am finally living with true love surrounding me, with crystal clear sentiments, with a man I love viscerally and, that I adore. It was never this way, in the past.

Can I really say it? I deserve every single bit of the happiness, that I have today.


And, this is my reason to believe that Family is really “simply” anywhere love is, anywhere you find it, as long as you are together? You know, I am still Single, and Gay, too, but I am working on it (on being Single, obviously) and I would accept whatever information or advice you have, that would help me understand better!

I will repeat to you what I have already written. There is no such thing as a “natural” family or a “traditional” one, not even “the best”, “more moral’ or “more evolved’.

Simply put, there is who you love and who loves you, and together, this is family.

And, I will say more. I believe that a Gay family has every single right to have children, as much as a heterosexual family.

The superior interests of a child are to find a healthy and loving family environment, ignoring who it is made up by. Let’s put an end to those of you who insist that the perfect family is composed of a man and a woman.

The world is full of traditional families where there is violence and abusive behavior.

Italy has distinguished itself in many a disastrous social experiment, those are the ones to condemn.

To name of few, in today’s day and age, with dramatic consequences, a woman’s right to have an abortion is denied by the objection of a Doctor’s conscience.

I am thinking also, of the Italian Legislation on medically assisted procreation that has created a sort of Fertility Tourism.


You are an undisputed LGBTQ Icon, one of the rare, and I need to highlight this fact, YOU HAVE NEVER TURNED YOUR BACK to our community and you have always been on our side; in your opinion, and/or you believe, that is the reason why you are loved so deeply?

Despite everything, at every cost, to even pass as presumptuous, let me tell you something that has been on my mind for quite some time.

It is inappropriate that every person be on the same level as a LGBTQ Icon. Anyone who has public visibility, and, people in show business are on a high privilege level of this, should give voice to those who cannot.

They should be giving voice without any hesitation whatsoever, big time, without being shrewd and sly as a “Paraculo” (arses). Can I say Paraculo? You write it anyway. And, they should be lending their precious voices, especially when someone speaks out against the system. Lately, Italy has been walking backwards, regarding the safeguard and defense of minorities.

How many LGBTQ Icons have you seen expose themselves on subjects such as Gay Adoption, Surrogate Pregnancies and, Abortion?

Perhaps someone should make a more thorough LGBTQ Icon selection, more accurate … what do you think?


You were my first crush, together with the Spice Girls; it seems like only yesterday, the day I remained totally stunned from a rerun of Fantastico where you did the opening number, “Disco Bambina. Do you still have that marvelous striped costume?

Be aware because Umberto is extremely jealous! I haven’t kept a single thing from my career. Kind of because of lack of space and mostly because I don’t like living in the past; Memory Lane tells you that time has passed.


Or the one with Crilu’s Mickey Mouse?

Do you remember any behind the scenes story of this or any other opening number?

During the taping of Crilu’ there was not one eye looking elsewhere, but my bum. Looking at Mickey Mouse of course, to get the closeup on camera. Or maybe not?


I can’t not ask you, how was it working with Sandra and Raimondo?

I will never be too tired to repeat myself again and again. During the taping of “Stasera Niente di Nuovo”, we were all being ourselves and only, as ourselves. No acting, at all!!

We were literally repeating what was happening in real life. Those gags for our sketches were actual behind the scenes “reality”.


You do know that on television, nobody has ever attempted Fouetté as good as yours, in your opening number, “Ti Rockero’”?

Oh, so you are provoking me, are you? You know that only Roberto Bolle can do Fouetté, male version, of course …


You have been living for quite awhile in Hong Kong, your family took you there, but you have lived for such a long time in Italy years ago, besides USA of course; what do you think has been left of the Italy you first met when you arrived?

Well, seeing that you have taken the confidence in calling me Crilu’, now I will take advantage to say something deep from my heart.

When I arrived in Italy, I was a nobody, not known to a soul, but in my country, the United States, I was considered a great promise to the world of Dance.

Since the age of 13, I was always “the chosen one”, a sort of child prodigy having won every scholarship imaginable, many of which, were destined for dancers who were 18 years of age.

I became famous in Italy, but I am also convinced that I would have somehow done the same, in my country, as well. If you think about it, the occasions were right and left, the first was from Mikhail Baryshnikov when I was only 15 and on scholarship with American Ballet Theatre (he had just defected from Russia). I was also approached to do my own show in Las Vegas and, David Geffen wanted me to debut on American Television.

Let’s cut to the chase …. Noticing me in a discotheque in Rome, was not that complicated.

Many a person criticizes me for not showing signs of gratitude properly and, that I should be thanking the person or people who discovered me.

I come from the American society, which was born from the legend of the Far West. Where anything is possible, and anyone can be successful, as long as he or she has Talent and willpower.

For an American, to say “Thank you” in ‘that’ way, means you are acknowledging that someone did a “favor” for you, to get you something, in which otherwise, you wouldn’t have deserved. And, at this point, that is not my case.

Anyway, to get back to your question, I have learned from Italians the enthusiasm for life, the joy to live, and the amazing affection from the people. It would seem like every day clichés, but, this is not to be. Let's just say that Italy was quite different when I arrived years ago.

I must admit, thru my eyes, I am seeing a different Italy. There is fear for the future, anger and dissatisfaction for what is now the present.


Tell me three things that Hong Kong and Rome have in common.

Really? It is like putting together the devil with Holy Water.


You lived in Milan for a while, right? What do you think about this city?

Milan is one notch above all other Italian cities, I have always loved it, even though I must say that during my past few visits, I was surprised by its sophistication and Middle European mentality.


How is the show business in Hong Kong? I’m pretty sure Hong Kong is not so well known in Italy and often confused with Japan.    

I am flabbergasted and speechless on how it could ever be possible that many Italians are convinced that Hong Kong is in Japan! You have no idea how many! Yet still, there is nothing more opposite than the Chinese culture and that, of the Japanese.


And what do you think about the show business in Italy? Any difference from when you began in the 80’?

Can I be sincere? There is absolutely nothing. In the societies of Italian Television, and as others, thinking from the top of my head, Politics and Economy, there hasn’t been a change of guard regarding generations. I believe that Reality Shows are the destruction and collapse of Television. Little Mr. and Mrs. Nobodies churn out of the oven for a nanosecond, without even a glimpse of Art or Talent within them.


Have you ever thought about a new tv show in Hong Kong? The number of people should be huge, right?

Hong Kong isn’t really that big, because we are just a little more than 9 million people living here and, if you are talking about tv, are not so many. If you are talking about China, well, the parterre is enormous. But we are talking about a completely different Culture from Westerns and, most of all, to an extremely difficult hurdle: the Chinese language.


Are you proud that after so many years, not only your fans (they really never forget about you and they really want you back on tv) but even the show business is constantly broadcasting your old sketches and tv shows?

I believe deep down, that a certain “style” of doing Television, is missed in some way. It is far from the truth that Television today is exactly how the audience wants it, oh come on!! Today’s television is based and imposed to the people for reasons of economical convenience and, the people sitting in their homes in front of that black box, have no choice. But if …


Your audio records (I literally mean your vinyl records) have been sold in huge quantities. What do you think about music today? Every hit lasts at maximum for a month without leaving any feeling, without the same roar that, I’m sure, “Disco Bambina” will have also in one hundred years.     

I am nostalgic for the 70’s 80’s and 90’s. Music!!! For me, Music has come to a halt. Let it be clear, that I have no part in this.


One song you would like to steal from Raffaella?

No way! It would be a sacrilege to steal a Sigla from Raffaella! She is untouchable.


Is there any song of yours you would like to edit in new version?

I did do totally new “House” versions of “Disco Bambina”, “Cicale” and “Io, Pinocchio” during Nemicamatissima.

I adore them, you have no idea!


Is there any new tv project coming around soon?

It’s not so easy. I am not interested in being on Television at whatever cost and with my past career, there is not that much that I could do, to add onto the list of what I have already done.

Some of my colleagues, would do almost anything to be working and to be honest, it is rather disheartening and lugubrious. The Art of Show Business isn’t based on the quantity but, the quality of what you do.


Has anyone never asked you to participate to a Reality?

No, never, and the reason is simple: they know already the answer.


How is your special relation with your fans changed, if it changed, thanks to the social media?

I have a bit of a Love/Hate relationship with Social Media. I respond to everyone who writes to me, personally, but I find it a strain to accept the overflow of free maliciousness.

During my appearances on the Television show “Amici”, where I was a judge, I received violent attacks from the Social Media, after giving my honest, yet negative opinion, of one of the contestants. It became an awkward outrage. The Fans sent vulgar “death threats” to my young daughter and I, which has left scars to this day.


Wouldn’t be better to publish a story on Instagram instead of doing a conventional written interview?

I totally disagree! I adore, paper, books …. Ah!  How time flies by ....


August 23th, 2019 09:48

Bella intervista, honey! A proposito, anch'io amo profondamente il cartaceo!! Sarà perché mi occupo seriamente di letteratura? I libri, stampati, sono un investimento duraturo nel tempo. E sicuro. Il migliore, più sano e più completo nutrimento per la nostra mente. Scrivere, è un'arte. Per pochi.

August 24th, 2019 16:34

La sorte è proprio buffa, darling... "Houston, abbiamo un problema!!! Cercasi disperatamente ascolti per il blog!!! ' Mentre, "Grand Tour" vince pienamente la prima e la seconda serata! È stata un'esperienza bellissima per chi l'ha fatto, per chi l'ha visto. Sai, sweety, dovresti fare un post dove spieghi tanto livore nei confronti di Lorella: alcuni tuoi presunti fans, sono pronti ad emularti senza neanche conoscerne il motivo. E questo, non è che il triste risultato della "legge Basaglia"... E, il " triumvirato della follia" arriva primo... Peace and love. Always.

September 07th, 2019 14:12

Solidarietà, odio, disprezzo, amore, comprensione, essere contro invece che a favore. Parole sacrosante, honey!! Peccato, però, che la teoria e la pratica viaggino, spesso, su binari paralleli... Capitta mi hai?? I will wait for a change, sweety. In fondo, siamo tutti educatori. E bisogna dare l'esempio. Sempre. Perché non cominci tu con Lorella? Sarebbe un bel segnale, my beloved. E ti seguirebbero in tanti... Chance pour "La vita in diretta". Da lunedì 9 settembre. Ore 16.00, Rai Uno. Io, voglio crederci. Hai visto mai??

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