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Heather Parisi

Disinformation is worse than censorship

Posted April 14th, 2021

Gentilissima Redazione di The Italian Times

Gentilissima Eleonora Lorusso,


I admit that I have not been a frequent visitor with the Italian press since I moved abroad 12 years ago. I don't even know how I came across your article of April 13, 2021 by Eleonora Lorusso entitled "Da Miguel Bosè a Heather Parisi: negazionisti sui social e censurati".

Maybe it was that name and font that vaguely reminds me of my reading The New York Times when I was young girl.

But anyway, it happened and, I was horrified by the havoc done to information and intellectual honesty. And also to a model of journalism, that of the New York Times, to which your name gives a winkto, but which is light years away.

A little experience and a minimum of knowledge on the fact that headlines often deviate from the content of the article and, the reality of the facts, I have acquired over many years of being in show business.

It's part of the game and no one has ever wondered about it.

But in this case, it is the tone of the entire article and the information reported, or deliberately omitted, that clash frightfully with the reality of the facts.

From the first sentence, you intend to establish a specious and unfounded similarity between the thesis supported by Miguel Bosè, which I respect, but do not share, the NO VAX positions and my FREE Vax position.

I quote verbatim what you wrote: “Miguel Bosè was not enough with his denial of certain positions. Now even Heather Parisi joins the ranks of no vax and points the finger at Facebook accusing it of having censored her".

And where would my no vax position come from? I have always stated unequivocally in every post, that can be easily consulted on Internet, that I am for vaccination freedom and for the freedom of everyone to be able to choose freely, when it comes to their health.

Do you think this is a correct way of reporting facts and opinions?

As if this were not enough, in the article, after a paragraph dedicated to Miguel's denial positions entitled "Covid does not exist", it is written: "Similar positions also by Heather Parisi ... ... who made it known that the post she had published on Facebook page had been obscured by the social network ".

And where would the analogy lie between my positions and those of Miguel?

Where on earth would I have declared that Covid does not exist?

And above all, what sense does it make, to support the thesis that I am a denier, with the removal of a post from Facebook, whose content is not reported at all?

Dear Eleonora Lorusso, tell me the truth, did you really read that post?

Can you honestly say that there are references to denial ideas?

Did you fail to report its contents, due to guilty forgetfulness or, because it was not functional to the thesis you intended to support in the article, namely that Heather Parisi would be a "denier"?

I report it below, the offending text, which is a Tweet, still visible on my profile, accompanied by the images of prof. Galli, a guest of Lilli Gruber and EMA's Sabine Strauss press conference:

January: "Vaccines are 100% safe"

February: "No correlation proved"

March: "The benefits outweigh the risks"

April: "They function and amazzicchiano" (kill a bit)

September: The vaccine, for the vaccine, is ready ...

We often talk about the responsibility of public figures in conveying information, but the first to have a great responsibility towards society are you, the media, which should base their ideas and beliefs on facts and not distort them into functions of their ideas.

Unfortunately, these days, there is no trace of the first and, the pages of the second are full.

Heather Parisi


Ho ricevuto dalla direttrice Alessandra Losito la seguente rettifica che pubblico senza modifica:

Gentilissima Heather Parisi

Sono Alessandra Losito Direttore Generale di The Italian Times,
abbiamo ricevuto e letto con attenzione la sua lettera. Prendiamo atto delle sue precisazioni e abbiamo ritenuto, quindi, di scriverne uno nuovo nel quale riferire quanto da lei segnalato. Le riportiamo il link al nuovo testo pubblicato: 


April 14th, 2021 18:00

Tatsachen gibt es nicht, nur interpretationen: wenn du dich sorgst, was andere Menschen von dir denken, wirst du immer ihr Gefangener sein.

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