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Living inside an oyster ....

  • December 11th, 2014
  • heather
Living inside an oyster ....
....beaming, with a smile.


To say the exact feeling of looking at the sky, was like "living inside an oyster", would be an understatement ....

The ice cold breeze that snapped at my face, ears and hands was a first. It was crispier than Cortina D'Ampezzo, one of my favourite Italian mountain towns ....

The contrast between a filthy grey atmosphere created by an unbearable pollution and the humaneness of the Chinese people on the streets, made me remember how ugly an oyster is on the outside when on the inside, it is beautiful and a treasure ....

This man, with his toothless smile and beaming eyes, made my day ....




  • snv9 | December 11th, 2014 ore 20:08

    Lucky. Who could think, what I will regret, what I am not the toothless Chinese?

    And if it is serious, than it is less than burdens and deprivations, the life is more carefree, the more it is necessary to work on itself, what to remain the person.

    "The soul is obliged to work …"

    Nikolay Zabolotsky.

    Don't allow soul to be lazy!
    That in a mortar not to pound water,
    The soul is obliged to work
    Both day and night, and day and night!

    Drive it from the house to the house,
    Drag from a stage on a stage,
    On the waste ground, on a windbreak
    Through a snowdrift, through a pothole!

    Don't allow it to sleep in a bed
    By the light of a morning star,
    Maltreat the idler
    Also don't remove from it a bridle!

    Kohl you will take in head to give an easy time to it,
    Exempting from works,
    It last shirt
    From you without pity will break.

    And you it grabs shoulders,
    Learn and torment before dark,
    To live with you on - human
    She studied anew.

    She is a slave and the queen,
    She is a worker and the daughter,
    She is obliged to work
    Both day and night, and day and night!
    I don't know, whether the translation will convey meaning.
    Yours faithfully Igor

  • francesco | December 15th, 2014 ore 09:05

    Heather sei sempre una numero uno

  • alfonso | December 15th, 2014 ore 21:15

    Grande Heather
    La letizia è il sorriso del cuore.


  • roberta | June 14th, 2015 ore 18:06

    Semplicità non è sinonimo di banalità. Comunque perché sei andata a vivere nell'angolo più inquinato del pianeta???

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