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  • April 23th, 2015
  • heather
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Supposing ....   There is a fantastic book that I read about in the South China Morning Post .... it will truly make you think that it is time to "make time for kids' free play" .... We need to spark up our imaginations .... It isn't easy here in Hong Kong where children have a schedule much more complicated and strenuous than ours' .... Piano and Violin are a must .... Swimming .... Tennis .... Martial Arts .... Fencing .... Rugby, Soccer, Cricket .... Mandarin .... Dance .... Phonics ... Must I...

  • September 22th, 2014
  • heather
  • Posted in Book
Odd jobs .....   There is a book out called Odd Jobs: Potraits of Unusual Occupations .... It is actually from 2002 but these odd photos caught my rather alert eye .... From sniffing dog breath and armpits, to condom testers....to dinosaur bones dusters, to dog food tasters....to tampon testing (really?!) .... I know that most of you AREN'T keen book readers, but just looking at a few of the photos, is mind blowing. HP...

  • September 01th, 2014
  • heather
  • Posted in Book
Gay themes .....   Singapore   When I read "Row erupts over pulling of books with gay themes", I was too curious. Growing up in San Francisco and living 24/7 with my best friends, who happened to be gay boys (remember I was their "fag hag"), I just didn't get it. Many artists from the Italian Television brag that they support gays. I must be honest since I am wondering out loud or at this point, in writing.....what is their true reason? Some of them have not even EVER frequented someone gay or even...

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