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  • March 02th, 2017
  • heather
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I will not wash my mouth out with soap.   I truly thought it was someone's obsession. On the contrary! In Italy, everything is forgiven. but "flipping the bird" is a no no.  I see hypocrisy and a bit of bigotry. It is 'my' opinion, God forbid. I think that at times, certain conversations without curse words or inappropriate gestures, are far more disrespectful and hurtful. It is the excitement and thrill (emotion?) that comes from within, that counts. A gesture or off-putting word, at times, is used in a cleansing way....

  • December 02th, 2016
  • heather
  • Posted in Interviews
Heather Parisi: “Diffidate sempre da quelle che si spacciano per icone gay!”   Alessio Poeta per gay.it http://www.gay.it/televisione/news/heather-parisi-intervista-nemicamatissima "Nel '79 amavo i gay e l'acqua Panna, mentre oggi amo i gay, mio marito, i miei figli e l'acqua Evian".   Se chiudo gli occhi e penso per un momento alla star internazionale Heather Parisi, me la immagino perfetta. Poi, quando la incontro, mi accorgo che la perfezione è davvero il suo cavallo di battaglia. Pelle impeccabile, denti bianchissimi, capelli luminosi e un savoi...

  • December 01th, 2016
  • heather
  • Posted in Interviews
A Cicada in Hong Kong   Valentina Mazzanti for China in Italy INTERVIEW/HEATHER PARISI Ballerina, singer, actress, entertainer and screen writer, considered the unquestioned Queen of Television in the 80's and 90's, is living now in Hong Kong with her family. We will be seeing her return on Italian television with "Nemica Amatissima", with a double appointment on December 2nd and December 3rd, with Lorella Cuccarini. Her future is bound to be in China but for everyone, "I will always be the eternal cicada"....

  • October 13th, 2016
  • heather
  • Posted in Interviews
My last kiss ..... With this show, I want to give a last kiss before the next phase of my life ......  ... I will be free to be Heather 100% and I have been 'green lighted' to avoid any stereotypes that persecute women of show business ......  ... I really want to work against all those diffused prejudices toward homosexuality, immigration and, generally, towards diversity ....  ... if somebody asks me to do exactly what I...

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