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  • February 02th, 2017
  • heather

Hong Kong

Our six year old twins, Elizabeth Jaden and Dylan Maria started school when they were 2 years of age. I must admit that it was exciting and entertaining, in the beginning. It was a Chinese International School, where they were learning Cantonese and English. They would go from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm every single day. I am not one of those mothers with 2-3 Helpers (nannies, in simple wording.....), we do have help, but my husband and I have always been "Hands-On" parents and, we love it.

Four years later at 5 years old and, in Primary 1 (Kindergarten), things began to change. I wasn't really enthusiastic regarding the curriculum and something just wasn't right. The teachers changed their pace. I could feel it in my gut. The twins just weren't learning anything in school, whereas when they were tots, it seemed magnificent with Miss Carol and Miss Christine. 

We travel a lot for my husband's work, plus all of our relatives live abroad in CaliforniaHawaii, and Italy, so the holidays that the school offered were becoming like a drop in the ocean with our schedule. 

We made a very brave decision and took them out of school and began, gradually, Homeschooling them.

This might seem odd to an Italian parent, but believe you, me, it is unparalleled and perfect for us. 

The first thing that people (worried mothers?) write to me, (every single day on Instagram!!!!!) is, "Don't these poor kids go to school, ever?!" or "They won't have any friends and won't be sociable" or "These poor children are always with you and never a photo with other kids...."

Well, on the contrary. They have more friends now than before. They are like sponges and adapt to any situation imaginable. Besides Sports Camps, Lego Camp, Faust Drama, Hip Hop, Tennis and Soccer ... they have playdates and birthday parties, they have friends from their old school, friends in Italy, friends in USA and friends that they make traveling the world with Mummy and Daddy!! You would not believe the new friends they have now, from airports!!!

So, they do have friends and it is, at times, difficult to keep track. I don't post many of them for the Children's Privacy Code, as in at times, I do share their moments together. 

You must know, (well, every single person in Hong Kong does, by the way!!) that schooling here in preposterous. It is extremely expensive and lately, not worth the dime. I am not trying to create a controversy but "non vale la candela". They just aren't learning the way we did, many a year ago. I am not blaming Internet, vain Selfie's, continuous "computer zombies" and constant cell phone checking, but let's admit the juicy fact, that Education has changed, A LOT.

A statistic shows that Homeschooled children receive more individualized attention than children that are in normal public schools. I couldn't agree more, since our twins are with us, morning, noon and night. 

Traveling worldwide is outstanding and creates  a spacious, open mind. Apart from being Musical fanatics, we visit Museums, Art galleries and they are intrigued by different cultures (Cambodia is one of their favourite countries) ... What 6 year would say this?!

Why is "diversity" so difficult to understand? Why are we so worried to come out of our comfort zone and, start comparing notes with who thinks and acts differently? 

In Italy there are only a few probably doing "Homeschooling" but in the rest of the world it is being done, and, is working. Let's start opening up to new experiences and not think that life goes round and round like a senseless Merry-Go-Round.

I keep reading "sociability" and am really wondering if people know the true meaning. Being Homeschooled doesn't mean you don't have any friends, not frequenting children of your own age or living like Robinson Crusoe!! 

Again, on the contrary. It actually means that you make acquaintances with different backgrounds in new places, aside from the ones you would at school.  

Our children are peaceful and calm from within and, you can easily see their serene eyes. I don't have to explain myself to anyone...................................





  • roberta | March 23th, 2017 ore 13:44

    L'home schooling è una realtà di studio che fa discutere menti eccelse di psicologi, analisti, terapeuti, ..., ed è curioso e stimolante apprendere come si possa vedere la cosa da prospettive diverse. Io penso che qualsiasi genitore, degno del titolo, sappia e debba poter scegliere ciò che ritiene meglio per i propri figli.

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