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In 1978 at the age of 18, I made my first trip overseas to have some holiday in Italy, in Sardinia and Rome. As it happens in a movie, or in a dream, two days before returning home, I was noticed in a nightclub in Rome by a choreographer and a few months later, I was launched as the “Prima Ballerina” in a TV show called “Luna Park” hosted by Pippo Baudo with Massimo Troisi, Beppe Grillo, Tina Turner and many new artists. My first audition was in Giovanni Salvi’s office, where I danced on his desk. He was at that time the Director of Rai 1 There were also Elena Balestri, Pippo Baudo and the director Luigi Bonori. They all agreed: I was sexy, full of energy, ironic, blonde and with an irresistible “American accent”.
That was my debut, besides performing numbers during the entire show, I was dancing the opening number “Anche noi” by New Trolls in Luna Park.
Since then, newspapers and magazines started competing to have me on their covers.
The consecration as a TV Entertainer, singer/dancer is with the show “Fantastico” on Saturday Night, Prime Time. I will be the protagonist of this show for five editions.

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